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    Is there no day at CSS that they allows vendors on the property? We enjoyed buying local stuff and not having to leave the resort when we did this at CSA. If not, is there some place close where we don't have to take the shopping excursion? Also what the heck is a Lovebirds portrait session? Thanks everyone=)

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    They allow only certain vendors on the resort during the day. On Tuesday night before the Beach Party they allow a few others.

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    When we were there in 2009, there were vendors on the beach every day. Three or four of them. One guy had wood carvings of all sizes. A lady had pottery and a guy to personalize it for you and another guy was painting sea shells which he also personalized for you. Then, one day, I think it was at the beach party, they had several vendors there with clothing, jewelry and all sorts of stuff. I broke the little pot I bought that had our names and the date on it, so I am excited to get that replaced when we return in January. There has been no one at CN that does that sort of thing.
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    They do have vendors who come on property. Seemed like it was everyday. They sell the wood carvings, straw hats, straw bags, beaded jewelry, stuff like that.

    The Lovebirds portrait session is a drawing of the two of you by an artist. They are really nice!
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    When we were at CSS in 2009, they allowed several outside crafts vendors on-site during the evening on Monday to coincide with the beach party.

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    every day there are vendors at css, and at the beach bbq...can't remember the actual name of it, they invite more in also

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    there were always a few vendors down by the main pool every day we were there and they bring in more on beach party night

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    We were at CSS for 10 nights in Feb. and we saw several vendors 3 or 4 different days. We were looking for some woven baskets, but didn't see exactly what we were looking for. One young woman told us she knew what we wanted, and would bring several on her next visit to CSS. I think it was two days later when we found her again, and this time we bought three of her beautiful baskets. I can't remember exactly what the vendors had, but I remember wood carvings, art and jewelry.

    Our photos are here:

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    Christy - The vendors are at CSS all the time, with their booths set up by the watersports area. The nice thing is, they don't hound you to buy anything! It's great!! Also, at the beach party and the Gala, they usually have more vendors set up, but once again, it's not an "in your face" type of sell like you get on the public beaches at Negril. They have a lot of very nice souveniers to buy at CSS, no worries, you don't have to leave the property!

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