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    Default Honeymooners! Questions!

    I saw on the couples website that in order to get the honeymooner perks you need to bring a copy of your marriage license. We fly out on monday after our saturday honeymoon so we wont have time to get a copy of it, will our souvenier marriage license (it will be filled out by our officiant but wont be pre printed with our names) or one of our invitations be good enough to get us the perks?

    Please help!

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    yes, that is what we used and it worked just fine.

    Some couples we spoke with weren't even asked for it, yet another couple forgot theirs and they were denied the perks until someone from home faxed it over.

    have fun

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    An invitation will be just fine. That is what I used on my HM last year. Enjoy your HM!!

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    Awesome thank you!!

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    i brought a program and was fine

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    Maybe I'll pack a program just to make sure too!

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    We also travelled to CTI on the Monday after the wedding in April and made special arrangements to pick up the marriage licence before our flight. We were never asked to produce it. We were obviously named as honeymooners on our booking, and that was all that was required.
    Iain & Jacqui

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