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    Default Anyone going to CN on April 29th-May 5th???

    We booked!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy us and 2 other couples are going to CN to celebrate all of our 40th bdays!! Not to mention it is our 15 yr anniversary too!! Cant wait to go...The longgggggggggggg countdown begins!!! Booooo.. LOL... Any one else have plans on being there the same time?????

    Carolyn and Ed

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    We will be there from April 28th - May 6th for our anniversary! This trip was originally planned for October for my 40th birthday but we decided to postpone it until Spring. So, now its an anniversary/birthday celebration! Can't wait!

    Diana and Mike

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    We will be there April 29th - May 7. Fifth Couples trip, second to CN.

    John & Becky

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    Coming back for our 2nd trip to CN. Loved it last year.
    Marty & Michelle

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    We will be there April 25-May 1st, 2nd time for us. Love it, love it, love it, there. Convinced another couple to join us this year. Only problem is that hubby and I like the AN beach and they don't. So we will just have to meet up from time to time on the textile beach!

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    We'll be there on those days!!!

    See you there!

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    We are newbies coming with two other newbies couples. We are getting married 5/3 and our friend is turning the big 50 on 5/4!!!! We are all so excited. Any advice from you regulars would be much appreciated.

    Are we there yet?

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    Hey, you guys are getting married on our anniversary!

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    Jeff and Patti from Springfield Il back for our 4th CN visit 4/28 to 5/5.

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    Hi All,
    We're arriving on April 28 to May 7!! celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary, and it's our 4th trip to CN.
    We're from New Jersey and CN is difinitely paradise! Hope to meet you all...

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    This will be our first to csa but 5th to jamaica. We will arrive on april 27th and hope to meet some fun great new friends.

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    Default We'll probably be on the same bus.

    We'll be returning home April 29th as well. This will be our 5th time to Couples, and 2nd time to CN. We'll be staying through the May 6th.

    Jim & Diane

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    we will be at CN during that 1st week of May,cant wait,we will be newbie's

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    Don't overpack. Just go there to relax and hang out.

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    we will be there too.. .April 30- May 7th .. !!

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    we will be there at that time,cant wait

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    We've added a day so we'll now be there April 27th instead of the 28th. 17 days!!!! We made a paper chain at 104 days and have been taking one off every day since! So, we have a dinky little chain.

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    My wife and I will be there April 27th - May 1st. Our first trip to any Couples resort. Our first real vacation with out kids. It will a complete surprise to her. She has no idea I have planned this. So excited to drop this on her.

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    Awesome Bruzda! She is going to be so excited. We arrive on April 27th also, so you never know....we might be on the same shuttle!

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