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    Default Which resort to have my wedding at?

    Hey everyone trying to plan my wedding for Jan 2012 and can't decide which resort to have it at? Any suggestions from CN to CSA or Tower isle? I'm 30 and looking for a good time and romantic, good food and drinks, excursions! Heard the sunsets and beaches are best in Negril! Thanks Melissa

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    whichever one YOU choose you cant go wrong!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    We're getting married 12/12/12 at CSA if that helps any! Never been to any of the Couples resorts but my fiance feel in love with CSA while I had my eye on CN but I'm glad that we chose CSA! We like where its happening, vendors, swim up bars and just mingling with people and the more I read this board, I know that CSA has everything we could ever want plus more! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

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    We got married at CSA in 04 have been back 3 more times since and once to CSS. All the resorts rock but CSA is our favorite. We don't want to go anywhere else. I can't post here but I can email a couple of pics if you like. Swept Away has everything you would want.

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    We got married at CSA in June of last year. We are going back this year. It was beautiful. I have tons of wedding pictures [I used a resort photographer] and we had the best experience! Let me know if you'd like me to e-mail you some photos!

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    Anything else you are specifically looking for? Everything you listed can be found at all of the resorts.

    CSA has a long, but narrow beach and is 5 miles of 7 Mile Beach. You will frequently hear it referred to as Long Bay. They have the best sports complex in the Caribbean and the resort is spread out. (I forget how many acres.) CSA has the rooms spread out all over the resort sort of in a village style. No building over 2 stories high and most buildings only have 6 rooms. The rooms are decorated in warm dark woods with crisp white sheets. (The pictures on the website depict this perfectly. The pictures really do look like the resort.) There is a disco/piano bar that can sometimes get going at night especially when Chocolate is at the piano.

    CN has a very deep beach and an incredibly huge swim up pool/bar. CN is on 2 miles of 7 Mile Beach and is referred to as Bloody Bay. CN is more compact than CSA and has 9 building - 3 stories each - 8 rooms per floor. (Buildings in Negril can not be higher than the tallest palm tree.) CN's room are very eclectic Jamaican flare decorating. Looks at the pictures on the website and they show exactly what the rooms look like. Also, the resort is set-up with the rooms in a horseshoe shape so you don't get a 'dead-on' view of the ocean, but still the view is very nice. No matter what you end up with a garden room, ocean view room, or beachfront room, the rooms are great. And the resort is nice and compact so it isn't a far walk from anywhere. CN also has a piano bar with Paul at the keyboards. The bar has different options throughout the week with disco night, karaoke night, sing along night, different things like that.

    Both CN and CSA have excellent beaches for taking long walks and both beaches have vendors who daily walk along the shoreline selling their wares. This makes for a really fun atmosphere. CN beach only has hotels on it aside from Office of Nature (A lobster/beer tent) and CSA beach has hotels, restaurants, shops all along the beach. Both make for an enjoyable walk. From CSA you can walk to Margaritaville.

    CTI has a much smaller beach than the other two and is set in a cove so there are no other hotels that share the beach. This makes for a very quiet atmosphere. There are no vendors walking up and down the beach. The resort buildings are more high-rise style hotel and (to me) have less of an island village feel. CTI's rooms are decorated in bright yellows. Once again look at the pictures and they depict it perfectly. CTI also has a piano bar that we found to be hopping every night of the week.

    Because CN and CSA have separate buildings for the rooms there are walking paths that are lovely for taking an evening stroll with your loved one and listening to the tree frogs while walking along the romantic lite pathways.

    CTI has an AN island and CN has a small portion of their beach sectioned off for AN.

    All resorts offer beach or garden weddings. The food and drinks are fabulous at all three and they all offer the same excursions except CTI also offers a trip to Dunn's River Falls and CN & CSA offer a trip to a local bar to watch the sunset.

    It is true that the sunsets in Negril are much nicer than in Ocho Rios. That time of year the sun should set almost directly in front of you on the beach at CN. Since it is in a bay, sometimes the sunset is obscured by the land. At CSA there are no obstacles so you always get a fabulous sunset.

    We feel like the diving and snorkeling is better in Negril than Ocho Rios, but that doesn't mean that they are not good in Ocho Rios.

    We found the Ocho Rios side of the island to be windier than Negril.

    One last thing I will say is look at the pictures of all of the resorts. The professional ones on this site have not been altered. They exactly depict the resorts. Also read the descriptions of all of the resorts, they give great descriptions. If you scour this site, I'm sure one of the resorts will start to 'call out' to you. That will be the resort to pick.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We were married at CTI (COR when we were married) and loved it. I think whatever resort you choose, you will decide was perfect.

    What are you looking for in the resort? That may help you decide which is best.

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    my E-mail is Thanks Melissa

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    Thank you for all this information. I am also tossing the CN and CSA around, I am getting married January 2012. One question I have that I am hoping you can answer is that CSA looks very open with no doors in the lobby etc, and I can't tell if CN is like that. I love the openness... Thank you

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    Summer01, CNegril has an open lobby also.

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    Mels... Summer... did you make a decision?
    We were married at CSA in Jan. 2008. We loved our choice and got married right on the beach, with the sun shining and waves lapping. Absolutely perfect. The staff does a great job at keeping people back, but if you want more beach privacy I'd pick CTI or CSS where you will only have other couples from the resort. Again I stress that this was a total non-issue for us, but for some it's a concern. Guests? Passerbys? People, what people? We only saw each other
    If you want a more private setting, or just love gazebos I'd pick CSS with it's romantic, private gazebo overlooking the ocean. However it's not big enough for a group! I would so do a vow renewal there.
    CTI has an arch at the far side of the resort past the swim-up pool by building 4. It's quite private there and over looking the ocean. We saw several beautiful weddings there (from our balcony and even attended one!). It was just a bit breezey, but a nice grassy location if you don't want sand.
    We've not been to CN to comment, but I honestly don't think you can go wrong with whichever you choose. Your Couples wedding coordinator will make your wedding the best day of your life!

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    Thank you for the info, it is greatly appreciated. We have booked our stay at CN. I totally can't wait!!!!!!! January 7, 2012 here we come. I like that it seems to be a smaller resort and wanted to stay on the Negril side of Jamaica. Thanks again and safe travels, Lori

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    Hi softail, thanks for the reply. Hope I can ask another question????? Do you know if all rooms are have bathrobes in them or is it just the suites?? Thanks and be safe

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