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    Default Need your energy to make it happen...

    Greetings Fellow Sun Worshipers and lovers of Tropical paradise!
    Planning a special Couples Negril trip to celebrate my beautiful wife's 40th birthday. (Only happens once, ya know) It's a secret. This would (or should I say WILL) be our third stay with the Couples resort properties. I've put a deposit down on the trip already. I'll need to raise the remaining money by late August in order to retain the reservation.
    What I'd like to ask from you who care to help is, will you please send me your knowing energy that I will be able to scare up the funds to make this happen? If you know it, and I know it, then the money will be there. I'll keep working hard for my family and my life and in the meantime, if we are both knowing the reality of this trip together, above and beyond what is necessary for maintenance of household, I'll manifest the money needed to finalize this trip for my wife.
    Then I surprise her with a kick A** birthday present and we live happily ever after. Will you help me work through the meat and potatoes part of this scenario?
    I'd like to thank anyone who cares to help me with your energy from the bottom of my heart. You'll be helping to make this a most memorable 40th birthday surprise for a loving teacher, artist, and mom of three. Thank you so very much.
    With love and positivity...
    -Asheville, NC

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    Positive vibrations, good energy, and happy thoughts heading your way!

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    ya mon its goona happen
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Good and happy thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    include me in this.... everyone deserves a break in paradise and your wife's 40th is a perfect time. positive vibes, energy and thoughts to you I send.. keep us posted...

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    You got, we all need the positive energy, and I am all for sharing it.

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    Positive thoughts speeding down the road to ya'll ;-)

    Check out I bet you can learn a lot from his budgeting guidelines!

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    BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for the love, you guys! Will keep you posted for sure.

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    AWWWWW! How sweet! Best wishes and positive vibes your way!

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    If you really want this, Jamaica soon come. Best wishes and Happy 40th to your wife!

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    It's on it's way!................

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    Sending energies your way....we need all our teachers well rested! Since we are here in Marion, NC, our vibe should come strongly! Hope you can get it...she deserves it and you do for being such a considerate husband!

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    Good Luck!! That is sweet that you want to give your wife a beautiful present like that. Here is all my energy and good luck and positive thoughts for you to succeed with your trip. I know you will come up with the money because you are working hard at it!!! Anyways good luck and let us all know how it ends! Have a great trip too

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    I surprised hubby for his 40th too!!
    Ya mon! No problem! Positive vibrations headed your way!

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    Prayers, love, and light sent your way. And I received chills back while doing so...definitely a good sign!


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    Positive vibrations, happy thoughts and flowing irie coming to you! Good luck with pulling this off, won"t she be surprised!
    We will be in CN in October as well, but will miss you by 2 days. (Saw your name on the Oct. 2011 thread)
    Hope everything goes great for you two and you have a wonderful time!
    Stay Irie, Mon!

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    It will happen!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Ya mon, ev'rytings gonna be awerite!!!!!!!!

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    Sending you positive energy! I second the Dave Ramsay suggestion for tips on making it happen in your budget.

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    Sending you my energy...send some back! Maybe I can plan a surprise trip too!

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    I know this is a super old thread, but I'm bored at work and reading through alot of them. Did you end up making it on your vacation for your wife's 40th? It's like not knowing the ending to a good book...

    250 days till honeymoon and first trip to CTI

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    Hi Britnee

    Thanks for resurrecting this thread, I too was wondering if they made it to Jamaica. Do hope Ashville NC can update us and that it was indeed a book with a happy ending.

    By the way, you have chosen the perfect destination for your honeymoon, CTI is paradise on earth.

    Mad about tennis

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