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    Default CSA Catamaran--newbie question

    I've heard great things about the Catamaran Sunset sail and will be looking to book that. How popular is it and does it regularly book full? I see from the sample event schedule it doesn't happen every day and since sadly my boyfriend and I will only be staying for 5 nights our chances to try it are limited. Is it something we can call ahead and sign up for?


    Karen (and John)
    Arriving at CSA on March 17

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    You should have no problem with signing up when you arrive....the boat is fairly large, and a lot of people vacation for 5-7 days and are able to get on board....

    Don't worry!!

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    No, you can't. Here's what you do, though. As SOON as you are settled in, go back to the lobby and book the cruise with the concierge. Simple... done.

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    It sails at least 4 days a week maybe 5. It is very popular so sign up at the concierge desk when you check in. It's a blast and not to be missed. It's always a highlight of our trip.

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    You won't have a problem getting on one. If for some reason the one you want is booked, just show up and try to get on anyway because a ton of people don't actually make it.

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    You can only reserve a spot on the catamaran cruise after you arrive at CSA. After you check in, just walk down the short hall to the concierge desk and make a reservation then. You can also make reservations for Feathers and Lemongrass at the same time if you want to. They pack 'em in on the Cat cruise, but it is a beautiful ride along the coast.

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    Just back from CSA. We were able to book the cat cruise on a Monday for the Friday departure. But people we met later said that by Wednesday, the Friday trip was fully booked. You can rock up on the day at 3:45 and see if there are no-shows, but this is of course not guaranteed! Do book upon arrival. The trip runs every day EXCEPT Thursday and Sunday. Meet at the watersports hut at 3:45 with your signed form. You'll be back by about 6:00 - 6:15. Wear swimsuit, bring only sunglasses/camera/towels and maybe a snorkel/mask if you own one. You wade out to the boat in waist-deep water, so put your stuff in a bag to carry over your shoulder. No need for shoes. Catamaran company is chartered by Couples (so not direct CSA employees), so you could tip them if you like but it is not required. They also may sell shells/reggae cds/beach wraps on board, so may wish to have some money if you want these things. Enjoy! And say "hi" to Jimmy the barman.

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    Thanks everyone! The concierge desk will be our first stop after we check in! 5 more wake ups!

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    One thing to remember is that you should bring a few dollars to tip the crew. They are not Couples employees, work hard, and appreciate your thankfullness.

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    Does Rasta Ralphie still play on the catamaran? We're coming back next month after 5 years and would love to see him again!
    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by breccad View Post
    Does Rasta Ralphie still play on the catamaran? We're coming back next month after 5 years and would love to see him again!
    He was on our catamaran cruise out of CN in February, so I know he still does them, but someone said he was trying to cut down on the amount of cruises he does. Poor guy, his family has tough luck though, while my wife was looking at the stuff he had for sale on our cruise he was telling her that is mother and brother both lived with him and had both broken their legs, and that his wife was terribly ill as well so he needed to work and he would knock an additional 20% off the price . Love the guy he is so fun.

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