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    thanks J&J. The more I am prepare in advance,t he more easy going I will be wihile I am there. Five more days for me to go, but after all this preparing , I might just end up getting my monthly friend. At my age its not as predictable. Time will tell!!!

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    The AN island is not about sex or arousal--it's about freedom. My wife and I visited CTI for the first time this past Feb/Mar time-frame and found the island to be more comforting than the main beach. We are scheduled to be back in late-Feb thru early-Mar 2012, and will spend many hours on the island. Arousal was never an issue with me. You just disrobe, and know that everyone who sees you in the buff--is also in the buff--it is the Great Equalizer. You find yourself in a conversation with someone and you are actually looking at them in the eye--instead of, well, elsewhere. And bonus, we met a couple on the island from the Detroit area that are just amazing, and hope to catch up with them again in Feb/Mar. Relax--you'll love it.

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    On a c/o beach my wife pulled down her top and I found as I looked over at her movement began down below. I was fine til then. So I began singing to myself "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine," in a parrot voice. It worked! So if it comes up (pun intended) sing a silly song. Worked for me.

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    @worldtex - that's hilarious and I'll keep it in mind when/if "things" start moving

    J&J and everyone else, thanks for all the information. All the posts have been very helpful and the people here seem very cool. Now I just hope the weather cooperates in December and we get some heat. Hot and naked works, but cold and naked just sounds miserable. Not to mention the cold sometimes has a "slimming" effect on us guys

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    29 days and counting!

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