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    Hey all. Returned recently from a great week at CSS. Went after recommendation from others we met at TI last year...Have to say it was fantastic. Different from TI and we missed the Thai but it was really special.

    One negative was the hounding and gawking by the locals on the SSB beach during the day near the river. When ever myself, the missus or both of us went for a paddle, they would race across the river and start peddling their wares. After two days, the guys were permanently camped on the SSB side, just around the corner near the trees. Now I know there are local guys in boats going backwards and forwards all day (waved to the same guy each day and he said hello and to my girlfriend said "you like fine today m'lady' which made her feel like a million dollars...

    However, the lurkers around the corner made us uncomfortable as they were eyeing up who was where and when. I had to tell one person just near the trees out of site to hide their bags with their phones on top as I reckon it would be all over in less than 5 seconds if they wanted to do a snatch!

    My recommendation to management would be to put up a tough fence from the tree line to the water (very easily defined) with a nice private sign or even get the security guard to look up once in a while and ask them to go elsewhere...I don't get it as not once in 5 days did they sell anything. Are they looking for a different opportunity. Be interested in others views?

    Finally, one Saturday night we were approached by 2 local boys in the grounds begging us to get the a cheeseburger from the beach bar. Again, they did not look like they were staying here! People are very trusting at the resort as they should be. Management just need to look into it as I would hate for something to happen and not to say anything.

    Apart from that, Thankyou Couples!


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    Did you try mentioning them to the security guard on duty? On our last four trips to SSB, this was all that was needed. They went over and made the locals leave. If for some reason the security guard does nothing about it, then mention it to management. It will get taken care of. One thing I have learned about Couples is, if you want something, just ask. They will bend over backwards to make your stay with them the best! Couples is awesome!
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    It shouldn't be necessary to have to ask the security guard or the management to make SSB secure. I would think that would be on the top of their priority list. We haven't been to CSS yet, but will be very disappointed if there are non-guests hanging out by the au natural beach.

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    I did mention it to the lady guard twice. First time she came down and asked them to leave from the SSB side and they went just across the river. Second time she obviously thought she was wasting her time and did nothing. They are quick enough to stop me using a camera at 8.30am taking a couple of pics of us (yes au natural) with just the sea in the background ;-) Even the couple taking the pick was surprised as obvious that it was just of us, they were nude and so were we!


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    Last trip this year to SSB the lady guard either slept or just read a book when she was there. The only time she did something was to stop a group picture from being taken that the entire SSB crowd agreed to participate in.

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