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    Default How long must we be in Jamaica before a vow renewal ceremony?

    I know that you have to be in Jamaica for at least 72 hours prior to a wedding ceremony, but what is the requirement for a vow renewal?

    We arrive on Thursday, November 4 and would like to know if it's possible to hold this ceremony on the Saturday, or if we'd be required to wait until Monday. FYI, this is to be a very low key, private ceremony; minimal planning required.

    I submitted this question via the Wedding Planner page a few weeks ago but haven't received a response. Randymon, can you assist?


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    I can not say for sure, but I believe the time constraint for a vow renewal is much less critical than for a first wedding ceremony. I really don't think it will be an issue for you. Have you actually submitted for a time slot for the ceremony yet? I think once you make the reservation for the ceremony they will help you with the arrangements, though this should be a question that can be answered before you actually make the reservation.

    We had a vow renewal for our 25th anniversary a few years ago and it was wonderful. You will be so happy that you did it. Good luck and have a great trip!

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    A vow renewal has no legal significance therefore there are no requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn View Post
    A vow renewal has no legal significance therefore there are no requirements.
    We were told there WAS a time requirement because they needed time to prepare everything. We got to CSA on 4/20 and had ours on 4/23 which was the earliest they would allow.

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    I hate to differ with those who have already posted, but I am doing a vow renewal in December 2011 for my 10th and you must be there 72 hours prior to your scheduled date. So, our wedding anniversary is December 29th. We had planned on flying in on the 27th, but were told it is a strict 72 hours, so we are now arriving on December 26th and heading home on January 2.

    Hubby and I did this 5 years ago for our 5th anniversary (duh!), but either Jamaica wasn't as strict about the 72 hour requirement then or the resort (not Couples) fudged the dates, as we arrived on the 27th and had the renewal on the 29th.

    While it has no official governmental significance, there is still a waiting period they make you wait. I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind it since I have already been married legally in the States for 10 years at that point, but they do require the 72 hour wait.

    Hope this helps! My travel agent contacted Couples to confirm this for me a few months ago, so if you're working through an agent, ask them to get in touch with their Couples contact.

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    I spoke with Couples Wedding Coordinator today and they confirmed you must be there for 72 hours. As you need to meet with the coordinator once you're there, I'm sure it's to allow time for that as there is no legal requirement. So we have our date set for November 7 at CTI which will be our 28 year and 6 month anniversary!


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    Hi Melody - what I meant was there was no requirement re Jamaican laws :-)

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    They must have changed this policy because we did ours back in February and we only had to be in country 48 hours. It should state, or it did, on the vow renewal section.

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