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    Default Trip insurance question for Randymon

    We are booked for December at CSS. We booked directly with Couples using the 800 number and paid the $400. deposit. We did not choose insurance coverage at the time. This week we learned that a close family member is terminally ill and we may have to change our vacation plans at the last moment. Can we still get trip insurance coverage?

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    Hi Travelpatty,

    You can still get the travel insurance now, but if you made your booking 8+ nights ago you would not be entitled to either the "cancel for any reason" or "pre-existing condition" waivers. IF you booked your trip within 7 days ago, then CALL US asap. 800-COUPLES.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thank you Randymon. We booked back in March so I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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    Just another example of why to always buy the travel insurance. We have gone to Jamaica 4 times and used our insurance on 3 of those trips.

    1) Return flight canceled - It paid for an extra day at the resort

    2) Medical for a doctor to come to the resort - It paid all of the doctor visit including medication that our helth insurance denied

    3) Destroyed luggage and medical - It paid the purchace price of the luggage and all of the doctor visit including medication that our helth insurance denied

    So buy it now, even without the "cancel for any reason" and "pre-existring condition" clauses because you never know what may happen. It is especailly valuable if you need emergency transport back to the states for a medical reason or accident. That costs thousands of dollars.

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    You are still outside of the 45 day cancellation with full refund policy. You can always CANCEL the original booking and rebook a new booking and purchase the Cancel for any reason Protection.

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    Travelpatty: Don't give up hope. There are other places to purchase travel insurance after the fact. Just not sure if any of them cover trip cancellation with a full refund (minus the cost of insurance). Do some searching and calling -- I'm sure you can find some insurance that would help you out. Here's a link to get you started:

    Prayers raised for your family member...

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    we bought the insurance on our flight there (american), from couples, and the return flight (spirit). we only bought it bc we book 10 months in advance and just in case we needed to cancel. anyway our flight there was fine. while we were at couples my husband got hurt and we had to have the doctor and xrays at the hospital. we found out the couples insurance will cover whatever our insurance won't. then our return flight was delayed and we missed our connection and rented a car. we are still working on seeing what gets covered with that. we just got back a few days ago. praying for your family - hope you can make your trip

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    Two years ago my husband developed gout in his foot. This was two days before we were due to leave. He could not walk and so I had to cancel.
    We had insurance and I got a refund for everything.....around $6,000 as we are from the UK and were flying first class and had a beachfront suite at CN booked.
    Insurance is a MUST. You always think it won't happen to you, but it will!
    I am pleased to say we re-scheduled our trip for later and had a great time. In fact we are going ( gout permitting) for the fourth time later this year.

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    Thank you so much everyone; I will look into available policies.

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    Please read EVERY insurance policy you purchase carefully. I once watched a Discovery Channel documentary where a middle aged couple (50's) were on a cruise. The Husband had a heart attack and needed to be air flighted back to the US. They had no insurance that would cover the airflight/nurse etc. The cost was close to $1M when all was said and done. This of course wiped them out financially.

    I called my regular health care insurance to see if we were covered in such an instance. The rep's exact words were "do you know how expensive those flights are?" Yes I do that is why I am checking!

    The Cancel for any reason policy that many tour operators offer are GREAT! However the medical part is quite low and they have limited/no coverage for emergency medical evacuation. I was able to get a Gap Policy for $37.00 that had $1/2 M coverage for emergency medical evacuation.

    You can go to or to compare dozens of policies. You can read the ENTIRE policies before purchase. Most of the language is standard but you need to read it to make sure what YOU need is covered. Also call your normal insurance carrier at home. You may be surprised as to what you think is might not be.....

    I know sometimes we look at insurance as an unnecessary added expense. I learned a long time ago to just add the cost of the insurance into the cost of the trip from the beginning.

    Personally I do not know anyone that can just toss out $3-4K or more if an emergency arises. The small 3-5% additional for the insurance is just peace of mind.

    Good Luck and safe travels to all!

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