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    Default Secrets of Resort Chefs - Couples Executive Chef, Stefan Spath

    Don't know if this has been posted before, but (thanks to Sunni) we just discovered a new television series called "Secrets of Resort Chefs". Low and behold, there is a wonderful segment featuring Couples Resorts very own Executive Chef, Stefan Spath - and Couples Tower Isle.

    If you would like to see Chef Stefan in action & have a little "taste" of what you're in for at CTI, check out this link:

    Scroll down to Eight Rivers: Part 1 & enjoy. When you finish that one, there is a Part 2 & a Part 3. These are definitely worth watching!!!


    Jim & Darcy

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    Very nice!! Feathers @ Swept Away is also on there ;-)

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    That is awesome thanks for posting!

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    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow! Thanks for this.....very interesting!

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    What network is the show on? I did not see it in the link. Thank you

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