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    Default roof collapse at the jungle

    Sorry to hear about this!! Just wanted to make sure all staff and family at the couples resorts are ok! Had quite a few fun nights there, can see how crazy things can get!

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    Mel please note that happend during ATI - and it was because the over flow crowd decided against the please of security to over load a roof with excess weigh (people). This is not a common occurance and yes a night at the jungle == fun

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    What, what now??

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Which resort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cypresspeeps View Post
    Which resort?

    which resort? no resort the jungle a hot night spot in negril. It suffered structural damage when a portion of their roof collasped during last week's ATI parties. We have not seen any comments reviews from the boardies on how that week shaped up

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    Kids gets crazy at clubs - all over- a few were being irresponsible and many were hurt.
    My friend's son was there with friends- they're all in their early 20's. His cousin remembers being on the roof right before it collapsed and the next thing he knew he was in the neighbor's yard- with no idea how he got there - he wanted to be a Minister, now he is sure of it....

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    It was billed as ‘Jungle Live’ at Negril’s popular Jungle Night Club last Saturday night, and popular Portmore Empire deejay Vybz Kartel was on stage performing but literally ‘brought the house down’, as disorderly patrons reportedly caused a roof to collapse during his performance, resulting in several persons being injured.

    The roof collapse reportedly occurred because numerous persons had clamored up the roof to a canopy area when Kartel took the stage – in order to dance and get a better view. The staff sought the assistance of the police to clear the area, but the roof suddenly gave way, landing atop scores of patrons who were on the lower floor. At least twelve persons were injured during the incident, two of whom were admitted to the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital.

    Jungle Night Club in Negril Jamaica
    Despite this drama however, the show reportedly went on with Elephant Man taking the stage soon after the incident.

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    'Dream' nightmare - Roof collapses, clubbers injured as party gets too wild in Jungle

    Published: Monday | August 10, 2009

    Noel Thompson, Gleaner Writer


    Patrons at the Dream Weekend party at The Jungle nightclub in the western Jamaica town of Negril had a nightmarish experience yesterday morning when a dance-crazy throng caused a roof to collapse, injuring more than a dozen persons.

    The Accident and Emergency Department at the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital was kept busy up to late yesterday morning, as the injured were ushered in for treatment. At least four persons were carried in by medical technicians assigned to the Negril Fire Department Emergency Medical Services ambulance, while others were brought by taxi or chartered vehicle.

    Emergency personnel had reported early yesterday morning that about 20 patrons had been injured at the club but that figure could not be confirmed. However, The Gleaner was able to ascertain the names of 10 of the injured, two of whom were admitted.

    They are Kerry-Gaye Blackwood, 23, of Montego Bay, St James; Kenya Hall, 23, of Petersfield, Westmoreland; Adrian Reid, 25, of Connecticut, USA; Sheena Gordon, 20, of Sandy Bay, Hanover; Andrew Rhoden, 19, of Goodens River, Savanna-la-Mar; Sandra Renford, 27, and her three nieces, Nicosha Spence, 15; Minda Simpson, 21; Kimesha Tapper, 15, all of Clarendon and Llandilo, Savanna-la-Mar addresses; Ruel McGregor, about 15, of Whithorn, Westmoreland.

    Persons close to the investigations said at least four other injured persons were taken to the hospital.

    Disobedient dancers

    "(Deejay Vybz) Kartel was performing onstage and whole heap a people climb up pon di roof to watch di show. Some of the women dem even tek off dem shoes fi grip dem foot properly pon di roof," said patron Sandra Renford.

    "Di workers warn dem and ask di people to come off di roof, but dem cuss off di workers," she said.

    Renford and her nieces, who were among a packed crowd on the lower floor, said they heard cracking sounds as if the roof was going to give way. Just as they were about to move, the roof came crashing down on top of scores of patrons.

    "We were so frightened and scared. We had no idea what was happening, as we tried to crawl from beneath the rubble," another injured patron remarked.

    Richard Wallace, director of The Jungle nightclub, said about 40 patrons climbed over barriers on to the canopy without permission and were dancing on the roof. He said his staff repeatedly asked them to get off the roof, but they were verbally abused.

    building insured

    "The staff went for police assistance and while the officers were heading towards the area, the roof collapsed before they could get there," said Wallace, who confirmed that the building was insured.

    He expressed regret at the situation and sympathised with the injured, but blamed the collapse on irresponsible behaviour.

    "I can't believe that people could act so foolish and stubborn," he said.

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    Default Ati?

    What is ATI? (Please accept my apologies in advance if this is a silly question!)

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