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Thread: Topless at CTI?

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    Default Topless at CTI?

    I understand there is a topless area at CTI.. Is that on the main land or a portion of the small tower isle?

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    Topless is permitted on the mainland at the end the pier only Of course on Tower Isle you must be all nude

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    Topless is at the end of the pier main resort side. Island is all nude. We have very rarely seen topless bathers. Most just go to the island and tan it all.

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    Apparently the only areas where topless is allowed at CTI is at the end of the pier. My fiance was hoping for a little more, but we'll be on the island most of the time anyway!

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    End of pier - mainland

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    The topless sunbathing area is on the pier... enjoy!

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    Topless - only at the end of the pier
    Tower Isle - au natural only
    Main pools, beach, etc - bathing suits/bikinis (both pieces!!)

    Mad about tennis

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    At the end of the pier only.

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    Last time we were there, it was at the end of the pier on the beach

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    Default Topless

    Yes you can go topless but only at the end of the pier where the pontoon picks you up to go to the island..... once you are on the island though it is all Au Naturel

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    Topless is allowed on the Pier, but not on the beach for some reason.

    The "island" is nude only.

    Hope this helps. CTI is a fantastic place.

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    Islandfever, (love your name) You can go topless at the end of the pier. I've only seen only one woman taking advantage of that in the couple of trips we've taken to CTI. Just doesn't seem worth it with the island so close. If you have more questions you may want to post on the AU NATUREL link on the top of the page. I'm sure you will get many more replies there.

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