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    Default Deluxe Beachfront Question

    We will be staying at CN for the first time and we reserved a deluxe beachfront. Can anyone tell me which buildings I should expect to be in. I'm assuming those rooms would be in blocks 1, 5, 6, and 9 since they're supposed to be "closest to the ocean". Also is any of the buildings better than the others? I know we can't ask for a specific room but was just curious.

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    We were in building 6, second floor and had a nice view of the ocean. Building 9 probably has the best views of the AN beach.

    We were given a ground floor round at check-in. I asked if we could get a third floor room. They came up with the second floor which turned out to be perfect. CAN ask. The answer may be no.

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    We loved Building 5 because we were close to the watersports hut and the building was further away from the loud music at night.

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