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    I know at the actual resort there is no need for tipping, but i am curious if there is a standard people are using to tip "non couples" employees. Such as if we rent a jet ski, parasailing, taxi's, etc...

    Is that true that the staff on the Catamaran Cruise are not Couples employees and you should tip them too?


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    Yes all those non-Couples employees you mentioned (jet ski, parasailing, cat cruise, taxi) can all be tipped and it's usually just a couple dollars, some give more, but just give what you want and what you feel you can afford to.

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    Tip as you would any place and the Cat Cruise Crew are NOT Couples employees. You will find a variety of responses as to how much to tip. We typically tip $10 except baggage handlers then it's $1 a bag which is the same we tip here at the airport.

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    We tip the van driver $10 - $20 depending on the trip. We tip $10 a piece after massages. Yes the catamaran perosonnel are not Couples employees so tip them too. We tip $5 - $10 a piece after the cruise.


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    Not sure about tipping the concessionaires for jet-ski or parasailing... but if you are accustomed to using cabs, tip the driver just as you would anyplace else. As for the Cat Cruise... you've heard correctly... these are NOT Couples employees, so tipping is appropriate AND encouraged. These are hard working folk.


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    yes you should tip the cat cruise people also
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    What we tipped and who we tipped and who we SHOULD have tipped...

    The baggage men at the airport...$1 per bag. We tipped the man that brought our luggage from the lounge to the shuttle $4 because we had 4 bags. We did not tip any baggage people when we arrived at the airport at the end of our stay because we didn't have anyone help us with our bags (though there were men out there to help, we politely opted out).

    We tipped the shuttle drivers $10 each. $10 for the guy on the way there, and $10 for the guy on the way back. It's a long, boring drive for them I'm sure, so we felt $10 was good.

    We heard/saw that the people working in the Spa and salon get tips. We, however, did not know about this until we'd already arrived there for our massages and my husband saw someone give a tip to them. In that instance, we should have tipped but did not realize it until afterwards.

    The Catamaran cruise people are an outside company so yes, they should be tipped. They have free booze on board (beer and rum punch) and have a little tip jar. They are super fun and I think they deserve tips. HOWEVER, we also didn't know this was an outside company until AFTER we got on the we didn't have any cash on us ...another live and learn situation and we'll know for next time (but you'll know before so yay!) ...and hopefully you get a cruise with Rasta Ralphie! That guy is so much fun!

    We didn't do any jetskiing, parasailing, I can't advice on the tipping for that...but the people providing those services aren't "companies" per say and are in no way affiliated with Couples (unlike the Catamaran people) , they are men and women walking up and down the beach offering these I would pay them the agreed upon price (make sure it's set before you do any of the activities with them) and that is all I would pay them.
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    Tipped around $10 for the van driver on the way in as he was great. $5 back as he was awful. $5 for the shorter trips for shopping, dunns river and horseback. Catamaran folks do put out a bag/jar/sock or whatever else they may have for a tip, but we (and most of the rest of the guests) didn't bring any $ on the cruise. I'd have tipped them though, probably $5.

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    Yes you should tip the Cat Cruise guys and we also tipped the shuttle driver to and from the resort and the baggage handlers at the airport in the Couples Lounge

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