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    Default Our Beach Wedding @ CSS June 18th 2011

    Our wedding at CSS on June 18th was our dream come true. I had concerns prior to going, but rest easy future brides you have nothing to worry about!

    Karla was our wedding coordinator. We met with her the day after we arrived to pick out flowers, cake tasting, photographer, etc....My husband & I had decided to pamper ourselves the day of the Wedding she made all of our spa appointments, she also made my hair appointment. She took care of everything.

    Our cake was delicious, we choose chocolate & white.

    Tessa the salon stylist, did a fabulous job on my hair the day of the wedding. And she gave me a great pedi earlier that morning.

    We picked Jerome, a resort photographer. He was the perfect fit for my husband & I. We laughed & truly enjoyed every second of it. My pictures are amazing!!! The photography was my worse fear of our destination wedding. We didn't have anyone go with us, so I wanted great pictures to show off for a lifetime. Jerome made sure we looked great in every photo. He even let me run to my room to pull my hair back before we headed over to sunset beach for more pictures!

    Tips for future brides: if you hair is long like mine, wear it up. We got married at 4pm on a Saturday & it was so HOTT. Get one of those portable battery operated fans from the gift shop, you will need it.

    We were blessed in that we met several couples down there that helped us with video taping our wedding & taking photos with our camera!

    I can't say enough about CSS, the staff @ CSS, it's AMAZING!!! We are going back asap!

    Mrs. Brown

    Link to my pictures!

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    great review and pictures thanks for sharing.

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    Your pictures are great! We enjoyed meeting y'all at Sunset Beach. Wish we were still there!
    T.O. & Mia
    CSS - June 17-23, 2011 Weddingmoon!
    CSS - June 19-23, 2012

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    Congrats!!! Thanks for sharing! We are seriously considering CSS and seeing pictures and hearing about your experience is making the decision easier for me!!

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