I started this thread last year and was intrigued with the responses I received so I thought since there seems to be a lot more 1st timers on the board now that I would ask the question again.

Do you Tell?

After you experience the AN Beach for the first time and absolutely love it, do you tell your friends and family when you return home what you did on vacation? And if you do what reactions do you get?

I have told a few who I think will understand and not be judgmental but others I do not because as they say "if you have never tried it you just don't get it".

It is like my husband and I's private joke. When someone ask about packing and how many bathing suits we have to take we just kind of look at each other and laugh and make some nonchalant answer because we know that is not a problem when coming to Couples.

So like I first ask....Do you Tell?