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    Default Ground transfer costs for TimAir flights (CN to CSS)

    We are finally booked for February 2012 with 4 days at CN and then 4 days at CSS! (I know it's too short for a split, but we're looking at it like 2 mini-vacations wrapped up under 1 flight to/from the US). Trying to make the most of our time, I am strongly considering a TimAir flight on our transfer day, which would also be a bit of an excursion for us to fly over the island (there are 4 of us traveling together). I have my rate quote from TimAir, but I am curious is anyone can provide details on transfer from the resorts (CN and CSS) to the local airports (NOT MBJ).

    Does TimAir pick you up or do we have to arrange taxi/private transfer?
    I finally got the map to work and it seems like Negril Airport is right next to CN, true?
    It looks like about 15 minutes from Boscobel to CSS. What is the best way to get to the resort once we land?
    Thanks for your help!

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    From what I read, you can pretty much walk across the street to CN from the air strip. When you go to CSS, you will need to hire a taxi to take the 15 minute ride to CSS.

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    TimAir is scary.....old 4 seater Cesna @ 1,000 feet is NOT a smooth ride. Go to and email a driver.

    Have fun CN is my fav. I will be back in November.

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    We are doing something similar next month but there are six of us. We are going to wait until we get there to book but our plan is to book Airlink to take us from Negril to Boscobel. If we are not mistaken we'll have CN call CSS and they will pick us up. Many years ago when Couples offered the free flights back and forth as a perk they picked up. If not we will hire a taxi, as they say no problem. As for CN, they drove us across the road to the airport/landing strip, haha you'll know what I mean once you see it. As for walking to the Negril Airport from CN, there are no sidewalks and it’s not exactly straight across the street. It is much safer to take the CN transportation or a taxi. IMO.

    As for TimAir, we've flown them several times, small plane yes but a great way to save time and see the island from a different perspective. TimAir has been business for years, supplying safe air transportation for those traveling in Jamaica, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them either.

    I will try and remember to let you know how it turns out when we return next month for us.

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    We've used TimAir and didn't find it scary at all, in fact we loved the ride and will do it again.

    If you talk to the front desk, they will arrange a ride for you to the airport. When you get to Negril, CN is just to the right and across the street from the airport. A taxi driver will be waiting there and he will charge you $5 or you can make arrangements with CN to have a taxi waiting for you that they will provide.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    we looked at tim air last year but they have to be off the ground by 5 or 6 pm local time (i think) they dont fly in darkness our flight from europe didnt fit with Tim airs timetable i have used tim air before and had no issues with it at all.
    last year we took the coach transfere provided free by couples negril and it was grand it took about an hour and a half once we boarded the coach Tim air does save you time but only about an hour at most. as you have to check in at thier desk etc.We are looking at Tim air again this year and if our flight times suit theirs then we might use them. it is a nice way to see some of Jamiaca.And as far as know couples Negril will collect you free from the tim air when you land in Negril

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