We are finally booked for February 2012 with 4 days at CN and then 4 days at CSS! (I know it's too short for a split, but we're looking at it like 2 mini-vacations wrapped up under 1 flight to/from the US). Trying to make the most of our time, I am strongly considering a TimAir flight on our transfer day, which would also be a bit of an excursion for us to fly over the island (there are 4 of us traveling together). I have my rate quote from TimAir, but I am curious is anyone can provide details on transfer from the resorts (CN and CSS) to the local airports (NOT MBJ).

Does TimAir pick you up or do we have to arrange taxi/private transfer?
I finally got the map to work and it seems like Negril Airport is right next to CN, true?
It looks like about 15 minutes from Boscobel to CSS. What is the best way to get to the resort once we land?
Thanks for your help!