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    Default carry on items leaving MBJ--rum cakes

    It has been 5 years since our last trip to CSA. During these 5 years, regulations have changed. I know that if we purchase liquor inside secured area at airport, we can carry it on from MBJ. But that we must pack it in checked luggage after we get through Charlotte on our way to Little Rock. Does this rule cover other items as well, specifically those little rum cakes in the gold boxes? We like to bring those back for gifts. I don't think they would hold up in checked luggage. Thanks! Countdown is 12 days after today!!!!

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    Just liquids, creams & gels. If you buy some perfume at MBJ you will need to transfer it. Cake should be fine.

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    The cakes can go in carryon.

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    We bought 3 six packs (of rum cakes) in the airport and had no problem taking them through customs, and then back through security to make our connecting flight. The stewardess on our connecting flight did however make the comment that she loved those things and that she would have to "confiscate" them...

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    Thanks!!! (I always like to double check....12 more sleeps...)

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