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    Default shuttle to airport from css

    my flight is leaving montego bay @ 3:30pm, my question is......does the shuttle to the airport leave css @ different times? i read on one of the reviews a while ago that they make everyone leave @ the same time no matter when your flight leaves ....i can't imagine being @ the airport for hours waiting.hope someone will have good news to tell me......thanks!

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    They wiil schedule your shutttle to MBJ airport 4 1.2 hours prior to your departing flingt. We chose to leave later and had to sign a release that would not hold Couples responsible if you do nt make your flight

    We left 1 hour later then what they had scheduled and still were sitting at the gate over 1 hour prior to our flight boarding time

    The roads are vastly improved and so is how they handle security so 4 1/2 hours is way too much time.
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    The review you read was incorrect. The shuttle leaves based on the departure times of the flights. They leave 3-4 hours before your flight in order to make sure you don't miss your flight. We left at 3:30 AM one time when we schedulesd a 7:00 AM flight out of Montego Bay.
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    Rest assured, you will have the normal time at Montego Airport as at any airport prior to departure - say 2 hours. CSS management ensure you leave the resort in time to check in without too much waiting time.
    In fact, on some ocassions we have been the only people in the mini-bus. CSS cater for individuals, hence there success.


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    The shuttles leave at various times and not everyone leaving the same day is on the same shuttle. You will receive a notice about 2 days prior to your departure from the resort that will tell you what time you need to have your luggage ready and waiting for pick up and what time you will need to be at the shuttle. That said, remember that you are to be checked in at the airport 2-3 hours prior to departure for your flight and the trip from CSS to MoBay is roughly 1 1/2 hours. The lines to get checked in can be long or not. Then you have security. Finally you have immigration, again the lines can be long or not. How quickly this all moves depends on everyone having all necessary paperwork tickets, passports, immigration slip (they give you this when you arrive) ready and available. Last year we had plenty of time at the airport to shop and have lunch. The year before, we did not. Both times as with this year, we are flying on a Saturday.

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    The shuttle will leave approximately 31/2-4 hours before your departure to give you enough time. That allows the time for the trip to the airport, and 2 hours for check in at the airport as recommended. There are several buses leaving every day depending on the guests and their departure times. I believe when we had a 2:30 departure we left around 10:00 because of a few other slightly earlier departures, but not that much earlier.

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    You will leave in groups according to what time your flight leaves. Usually you will leave about 4 hours before your flight is to take off. So you will leave the resort around 11:30am.
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    We just left CSS on Sunday. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 3:45 and we left the resort at 11:30. Sunday is light traffic so it might be a little earlier on a Saturday when the traffic could be worse. There are numerous shuttles leaving throughout the day depending on when your flight is...usually you can count on about 4.5 hours before. You will need that much time to get to the airport and through the lines.

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    The shuttles leave throughout the day; not sure what review you read. When we stayed at CSS 2 years ago, we left at 11:00 for a 3:30 flight. They get you to the airport in plenty of time for your flight.

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    Leaving Couples - so depressing

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    thank you everyone....i like to plan ahead so all the info was very helpful =]

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