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    Default Now In Remission!! Can Have A Holiday

    After eight months I have been told I'm now in remission, no more Lymphoma cancer.So thanks to everyone who kept me in their prayers and thoughts, my life begins again from now!

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    congrats!!!!!!!! you have alot to be thankful for.

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    Default Congrats!

    Congratulations!! You have much to be thankful for. And, a trip to Couples is a perfect way to enjoy life and reflect and focus on the important things.
    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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    Congratulations! May your life continue to be blessed!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    great news

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    Elaine, congrats I can only hope you continue down the road of remission. I am a cancer survivor also (Roberta) we didn't go to Couples last years because I was going through treatment, but we are going in 36 days and it is well deserved. You need to make reservations as soon as you can and get back home to Jamaica 'Mon!! God Bless!!

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    Default Great news


    So happy for you. Now go and book that holiday. You soooo deserve it. Best wishes from Ireland. By the way, we had a great time and are looking forward to returning in two years. Keep us posted, won't you?

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    That's awesome news! My dad just won a hard battle with Hodgkins so I know how much you deserve this vacation!

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    YAAAAYYYYYY!!! I am so excited for you!!!! I have been wondering what was going on with you, but figured you'd let us know when the time was right. Last I heard you were gearing up for the last round of chemo, and look at you now!!! I am SO happy for you!!!

    P.S. How is the new grandbaby????

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    That is GREAT news!!!! congrats!!

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    New baby is due in January!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElainePoole View Post
    After eight months I have been told I'm now in remission, no more Lymphoma cancer.So thanks to everyone who kept me in their prayers and thoughts, my life begins again from now!
    God is good, ALL the time....
    And ALL the time, God is GOOD!
    Our prayers have been answered!!!
    Congrats and God bless you, Elaine!!!
    "Rescuing one dog will not change the world....
    But for that dog the world will be forever changed"
    God bless the rescue babies!

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    Thanks everyone, I was a bit concerned as they could still see something on the CT scan, I had a PET scan and it came back negative. Turns out it was scar tissue, its a lovely feeling to be rid of it!

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    Thanks for Sharing the Wonderful News!! Very Happy for you and yours.......Huge Congrats!!!

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    Great news! Good for you.
    Now enjoy you vacation, you definitely deserve it!

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    Default I feel your pain

    Couples is a great place to recover too. I had Kidney Cancer and had my Kidney removed march last year. One month after the operation My Wife and I went to CSS to rest and recover and I came back feeling sooo much better. CSS staff made sure I had everything I needed and will be returning this November for 2 weeks. Enjoy your life and LIVE!!!!!

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    So glad you are OK after losing your kidney, and glad you went and relaxed and now feel better It is like a dream at the moment, I've read the reviews and looked at the photos and now I'm actually going to go to CSA. I'll be unbearable when I get back!

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    Default Welcome to the survivor's club!!!

    Great news!!!

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    Elaine..This news makes Peggy and I very happy..We have and will continue to pray for you.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Thank you Tommy and Peggy I appreciate that

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