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    Default Preheating the oven.....

    Great find at Walmart today in Wisconsin! Can you believe they had Jamaican style beef patties? Also in spicy and curry chicken.
    We're also doing the single digit dance! Nine days until we fly home.

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    LOL... Ok, when I saw, "Preheating the Oven", I thought of something completely different!!!

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    lol me too!! Mind in the gutter!!

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    Markand Jen.
    Please divulge what city/store you found them. I'm from Milwaukee, so I could easily visit 20 stores to get beef patties...
    One Love

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    Me three <facepalm>

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    Me, too! haha

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    I found them at the Delavan Walmart. Robin, if you can't find them around you....I'd be more than willing to pick some up for you & meet you part way. The mild beef ones are pretty bland. I'd suggest the spicy beef or chicken curry...both excellent. They were by the snack items in the freezer section by the pizza. 6 days until CSS!

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    find a local place in jamaica where they makes them by hand. Found a place in sav-la-mar five years back they are to die for YUMMY!
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    Our local Kroger grocery store carries them as well. Even though they come frozen, they're pretty tasty.

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