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    Default Our wedding at CSS - June 20, 2011

    Our wedding at CSS on June 20 was wonderful!

    Future brides - relax, it is so easy and everything comes together beautifully. Karla was our wedding coordinator. Our wedding was on Monday and we met with her on Saturday morning. She took us through the planning process step by step and made everything so stress-free. After picking out our flowers and cake, we pretty much just had to show up. Karla was great and so sweet.

    Bouquet - I picked the ginger lilies in pink (the other choice was red). I think there were two or three other standard bouquet options. The bouquet was simple, but very pretty.

    Cake - We picked the chocolate cake, and it was delicious.

    Photographer - We used the resort photographer, Jerome. He was so much fun to work with and the pictures turned out great. Before the wedding we walked around the resort and picked out places we wanted pictures taken, and we had gotten ideas from looking at other couplesí photos. We gave a list to Jerome and he made sure he took all the ones we wanted plus the ones he usually does.

    Tips - we tipped the photographer and the minister, and gave Karla a small gift.

    Note to the grooms - remember to pack an undershirt. Our wedding was at 11 a.m. and it was HOT. They actually had T.O. take his shirt off while they were waiting on Karla to come get me and walk down to the beach. Even though he was wearing a light-weight linen shirt, he was still sweating a lot, and he usually does not sweat much. Our photographer told us he had done a wedding the day before and they had to stop taking pictures for about 30 minutes so the groom could go change shirts.

    Overall, this was the most wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone!
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