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    Default Help- Which Couples resort is more Romantic?

    We are going back and forth between Swept Away and Tower Isle?

    Which is more romantic??

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    Depends on what you consider romantic. For us it's CTI. You will get some opinions both ways. The best advice I can give to you is to keep visiting the websites for both resorts and you will find one that you keep returning to and that will be the one "calling" to you.

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    We loved CSA, infact going back before the end of the year...... Good luck. I am sure which ever one you choose you will love. :-)

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    Default Romantic

    I've been to all 4.couples would be hard to pick the best one.......but the most romantic in my opinion,and my wife' ????????.....................CSS.

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    We think CSA is with it's winding pathways. CTI felt more like a highrise hotel to us and less romantic.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    That is really a loaded question around here. Both are going to be very beautiful and romantic, though also very different.

    If you are looking for an au natural experience, TI is your choice by default as there is no nude beach at CSA. However if you are looking for a great beach, beautiful grounds, great staff, food and facilities (with your clothes on) then you might consider CSA. It is our home in Jamaica and we love it dearly. Read, read, read the message board and the descriptions on the web site. They will help you make your decision.

    Have a great trip!

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    Cn !!!!!!

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    Thanks guys! we are looking for a non- au natural experience. I've heard that SA, SS, and TI are romantic, but it's soooo hard to tell just from pictures and reviews. Aaaaahhhh, it's such a tough decision.

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    CSA all the way!!! I've been to both and so can honestly tell you that CTI is more hotel like and CSA is spread out like a small village. At CSA you can wander the beach for miles. The way CSA does their lighting at night is so romantic. All the paths are dimly lit and it's so cool to take a stroll across the property. The rooms at CSA are classic Caribbean with lots of wood and white fabrics. I found it to be a very mood making room

    CTI was fun, but just didn't have a more romantic look or feel than CSA. I can't get CSA out of my mind. It truly makes lasting memories that you and your partner will dream about forever. Good luck deciding, but just so you know....CSA Rocks!!!!! and is totally romantic.

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    CSA is AWESOME you will love it!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    WOW!!! Can't decide on what resort to pick!! Thanks for everyone commenting but I think I am getting Couples overload trying to decide which resort to go to. My wife and I are looking to go in March 2012 and certainly want to try an A/N beach. I will keep reading and try and make a decision. I don't think I can go wrong on this decision:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by travelingpair View Post
    Thanks guys! we are looking for a non- au natural experience. I've heard that SA, SS, and TI are romantic, but it's soooo hard to tell just from pictures and reviews. Aaaaahhhh, it's such a tough decision.
    That narrows it right there. CSA does NOT have an A/N beach or area.

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    Travelingpair- you posted at the same time I did, so I hope you saw my response. I have been to both and can tell you honestly that you should go to CSA. I know it's more expensive, but the money is well worth it. Please make sure to read my response.....CSA is the place to go.

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    Default Csa

    We have been to both CSA and CTI and are booked at CN next Feb. I believe (especially if the au natural scene is not yours) that CSA is hands down more romantic. We absolutely loved our stay at CSA, we stayed in an Atrium room and it was awesome. The beach, the long winding paths the long walks on the beach....CTI was a great trip as well and we had a ball. We were introduced to the island and as much as we loved CSA I don't see a return trip anytime soon as we enjoy the au natural scene too much. If you are not interested in the island my recommendation would be CSA

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    For me, wherever my wife is staying is the most romantic resort at that time.

    But if I had to pick one without her in the equation I'd vote CSS (and I've only visited there on a Trading Places pass) followed by CSA.

    The foliage, the cliffside layout and the secluded cove for the beach at CSS is amazingly romantic. And the meandering paths at CSA do the trick too; espacially the way they are lit at night. We've also stayed at CN and CTI. It's not like you can't find romance aplenty at those resorts. I just give the nod to the other two first.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Romance runs rampant at all of these properties. Everyone has a fav...ours just happens to be CSS. It is smaller, private & very personal. NeedBlueWater hit the nail on the head!

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    We've stayed at all four Couples resorts - for us, CTI is the least "romantic" of them all.

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    Hmm between CSA and CTI.. hard choice, but I am with Boomer49....

    CN by far...

    and its right between CSA and CTI just like where you are going....

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    Romance is what YOU make... Couples just happens to be a great place for you to make it....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer49 View Post
    Cn !!!!!!
    I'm with you Boomer49. CN was the best vacation my husband and I had ever had. Relaxation and romance. Does it get any better?

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