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    Default CTI... still playing the Booty Song?

    I was at CTI 2 summers ago and they would play the Booty Song at the swim up pool bar ever couple of hours... has anyone been there recently and are they still playing that? I am on my way back in 19 days and I am looking forward to hearing it again... with a drink in my hand


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    My wife and I were last there also in Aug 2009 and fell in love with that song..It reminds me so much of the good time we had there. We even downloaded it from Itunes..We'll be back in 43 days! Leave some sand on the beach for us!

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    We were at CTI in August 2010 and The Booty Song was played often on the island. Another song named The Pussy Cat song was also played. It was a lot of fun!!!!!!!!

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    Not sure, but "The Booty Song" is by Tim Wilson. Maybe you can bring it along just in case. I heard it there in '09 as well. Don't forget "The Big Bamboo", too.

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    If you go on the cat cruise you can purchase a CD that has the song on it.
    Irie Mon

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    We just got back and did not hear it at all. we were also there in 2009 and remember it being played. NO more trivia or games at the swim up bar and no more volleyball at the pool.

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    Default Thanks everyone

    I can't wait to hear it at the pool bar with a dirty banana in hand!

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    Ditto on the Big Bamboo!! Also on my Iphone playlist!

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    Is the Big Bamboo also by Tim Wilson? If not, who's the artist?

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    The best version of The Big Bamboo is by Horance Peterkin..

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