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    Default Honeymoon at CSA - July 25-Aug 1

    We are so excited that we are finally so close to the honeymoon. With all this wedding stuff stressing the Misses out it will be nice to be able to kick back and relax for a week.

    I've noticed on that everyday in Negril it's 40-60% chance of scattered thunderstorms. Do they come and go quickly?

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    Congrats on the upcoming wedding and enjoy the honeymoon and relaxing for a week! And never been to Couples yet so dont really feel like I can answer your question about the weather but have been to plenty of other places and I do believe they are just little showers! Something we need in Oklahoma really bad about right now!

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    you will be in paradise and on a honeymoon so a little rain wont hamper your vacation! most of the time they are quick showers with like anywhere else on occasion some might hang around....remeber paradise!!
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    Congrats on the upcoming wedding and honeymoon. My future wife and I will be at CSA July 24th - July 31st for our honeymoon as well. We should buy each other a drink! From what I have read about Jamaica is that they get rain most days but itís an average of an hour or so of rain a day. We are in such a rough drought here in Texas that to be honest I welcome the rain!

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    Congrats on your wedding and your honeymoon. My wife and I will be there with you guys from July 28th to Aug 4th for our first trip to CSA as well. Can't wait.

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    I know what you mean.... My wife and I live just south of Fort Worth and are so tired of the dry. I will have no problem with a little rain.

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