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    Default CSA-Private Dinner

    Where is the best place at CSA to do the private dinner? Thanks!!

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    The staff will set you up on the beach. This is the only choice that is available that I know of. It is still very private and relaxing. Well worth the $.

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    Thanks for your response!! I received an email today and they said you could also do it in the garden gazebo but since i've never been there i'm not sure which one is best. As of now I think i'm going to go for the beach!

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    I think that the only place you can have a private beach dinner is on the beach. I suspect, however, that you could also have a private gazebo dinner. The only place you can have that would be in the wedding gazebo (a VERY romantic option, imho). I see no reason why they wouldn't serve you a private verandah dinner, but that would have to be on your own verandah (not mine).

    My point, I guess, is this... if you are going to be paying extra jack for this private dinner (and I have heard a lot of good things about it), that they will serve it wherever you want (within reason) on the resort. Contact the romance concierge (see the main website).... I believe they can help you.

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    Monica and I have had the private dinner at both the beach and wedding gazebo locations. Both are great. We love the beach but have seen nights when it was a little too windy. The gazebo is protected from wind and rain and is (IMO) the best dinner location. Neither of us have ever had any problem with sand fleas but again, other guests have commented on being bitten by the little buggers when they were on the beach at night. We especially like the gazebo in December for our private dinner because of all the decorations that are on the trees. 163 days and counting!!!!!

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