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    Default Just booked the Wednesday special!

    1st Trip to a couples resort! Woohoo!

    Was already looking at Swept Away, but CTI looks like it will be a good fit for us (new to board).

    Really looking forward to October 16th. It's our 15th anniversary, does anyone know if there's a "romantic dinner" option like they have at CSA?



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    Congratulations on your anniversary and your trip to Couples. You will love it! All Couples resorts are built on romance. They all have a private dinner avaliable for an additional $150 and it's well worth it. You can pick pretty much anywhere on the resprt to have it. Go to the "contact us" page on the Couples web site and email the Romance Conceirge". She will answer all of your questions and set it all up for you.

    Be sure to check out the "Activities" page and the "Restaurants" web pages before you go. Must dos include the Cat Cruise and at least one dinner at the fancy restaurant (which are both included in the price of the room).

    We just booked CN and CTI today also, so I can imagine how excited you must be!

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    Congratulations, based on the normal rate for that category, you scored a great deal. As to your question of the romantic dinner, assuming you're talking about a private dinner for two, I believe all Couples resorts offer this. There's a separate charge, but it's available.

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    Are you talking about the private dinner? If so, then yes you can. If you are just wondering where the most romantic spot to have dinner is, I would suggest Bayside.

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    Thanks for all the replies. Sent a message via the "contact us" link.

    This MB is a great place to get information!


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