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    Default Water shoes for Dunns River Falls

    We're going to CTI in about two weeks and definitely want to take part in the included Dunns River Falls excursion. I know they require water shoes, what does it cost to rent them? Have most of you gone that route? If you've bought them where is a good place to get cheap ones since I'll likely never use them after this! Thanks!

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    My family wore water shoes that we picked up at walmart. Can't remember the price but they were cheap enough that we didn't necessarily feel like we had to bring them home with us and they were fine. If it were me, I would buy my own inexpensive ones and take them with me rather than rent them. The rentals I saw looked like they could use a good soaking in a cleaner/disinfectant or something. I would be hesitant to stick my bare feet into them considering how cheap they can be to buy new ones. There are some things I don't think are comfortable to rent and these rental water shoes fall into that category for me.
    Have fun!

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    buy at home and bring them...
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    They don't require water shoes. They are helpful from slipping on the rocks. One time, we took old pair of sneakers with us to Jamaica since we knew we were going to Dunn's. Some friends told us to. After climbing falls, we threw away the sneakers, which then left us some room for gifts to bring home.

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    i got mine at walmart or target and i ordered my wifes online...can't remember where

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    I got a pair at Target for about $5. I only wear them if we climb the falls, but we have done it a few times. You can purchase at the resort or rent them at the falls. Either way, it's about $15.

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    I just bought a pair of Women's Tech-Sun watershoes from Columbia (on-line) that were $40. I thought that was reasonable and better than renting especially if we decide to go more than once. If you become a member on Columbia's site at n/c, you get free shipping for all of your purchases. We'll be at CTI July 8th-16th.

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    Go to Walmart, they have them for less than $10. I think sticking my feet in somewhere another person has had theirs is disgusting. You can also check out Dollar Stores, sometimes they carry them.
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    Walmart... think they were $7.... can't beat it!

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    Walmart was already sold out when I looked I'll check target though or maybe just bring old tennis shoes!! Thanks for all the tips!

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