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Thread: the boat at CN

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    Default the boat at CN

    Just booked my honeymoon for April 2012 @ CN! Cant wait! Im interested in wakeboarding while were down there and was wondering if anyone had a picture of the boat at CN??

    Does anyone know what kind of options they have for wakeboards? Just 1 to choose from or multiple boards?


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    The boat is a Mastercraft. I do not wakebaord or ski. I think the boat is just a few years old. It iwll look older due to sitting out in the sun and ocean. In 09 it looked brand new. This year the blue was a little faded. I do think they have a few wakeboards if I remember seeing them on the rack.

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    The Northburn, when in April will you be there? We are arriving 4/7 for 7 days. We have a long wait :-)


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    Awesome, hopefully there is some calm spots to get some good wakeboarding in. Were arriving the first of April for seven days so will probably just miss you :-/

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    Nice, hopefully there is some calm areas so we can get in some good wakeboarding. Were arriving the first of April for seven days.. so will probably just miss you :-/

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    CN is in a bay and the bay stays pretty calm. The winds can pick up in the afternoon, so the best time to be on the water is in the morning.
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