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    Default CSA repeat guest thinking about CN

    I'm thinking about giving CN another try and I would like your help.
    My 1st Couples experience was at CN and we really liked it - but we've been going to CSA for the last 8/9 years and we have many friends there now. However, I think it's time for a change and I'm seriously looking at CN again for my next visit. My problem is that I can't decide on a room category. Can you help me with rooms suggetions and a map? I can't seem to find the CN map on this website. I'd like a quiet room with just a little view of the ocean/beach. From what I remember the OV rooms were just as nice at the BFR but for the price the GR's ere great. I don't need a suite.
    Any suggestions?

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    we like this end of the beach, bldg 6 or 9 for OV or OF

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    All rooms are the same except for the suites, the only difference is the location. We've always reserved a GR and a couple times have been upgraded to an OV room. The OV rooms do have a small view of the ocean, but the GR are just as beautiful tucked in amongst the gardens. Either would be fine.

    The map for the resort is under the Negril tab and then on the lower left hand side under "360 degree view and map"

    Here is the link:
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CSA is the BEST!!

    Just kidding....kind of....I'm sure you'll love CN if that's where your heart is set....but remember - CSA will miss you!!!

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    I hear ya gonegirl but I'm up for the challenge. This vacation I have to stay within a budget. Hubby and I usually go away at New Years with family so when they decided they wanted to go away in Feb instead of New Years we saw an oppertunity to see how Couples celebrates. I've always thought they'd throw an amazing New Years Eve party. But unfortunatley CSA was just too $$ for us this time. We were going to go to Antigua when my TC found a great price for CN that I couldn't pass up. The most important thing to me was to be in Negril at New Years and at a Couples property. We know we like CN so whats' to loose. I will miss CSA but we're going back in April 2012 so I can be a big brave girl and suck it up for a week. LOL! Who knows, maybe CN will steal my heart back from CSA. Like I said, I'm up for the challenge. Bring it on!

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    Good to be flexible and reach out for something new. We are going to CN in November for our third trip but I seriously want to try CSA next year. I have more worries...not that we won't like CSA, but that we will miss CN too much. Good that you are going with such a great attitude and hey...after is know you CAN'T lose!

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