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    Default Torn between CTI, CSA, CN for wedding

    I can't decide on which resort to pick!

    We both really like to do excursions and the excursions in Ochos Rios look awesome but the beach, water and rooms look awesome in Negril. I'm 30 and my soon to be husband is 32. I like to party and dance, my fiance prefers more sit-down drinking. We both agree Negril's water and the beach is the best but unsure what to do. CTI's beach doesn't look that great and the water appears rougher. Is the food about the same on all the resorts? Was reading the CN has AN beach and hot tube-sounds kinda fun. My fiance doesn't care about rooms but I would like a good view and hot tube in our room. What about atmosphere for fun at night? Which resort should we pick. We're inviting friends and family to our wedding, we all like to have a good time. I want romance but Fun as well! Thanks for comments. Not sure if should pick Negril since we want to do some of excursions in Ochs Rios.

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    We just returned home from our weddingmoon. We were married at Couples Negril with 28 guests. I highly recommend Negril. It is smaller than Swept Away but both are beautiful. I personally felt Swept Away was much bigger but Negril had a better beach in my opinion. We went to Runaway Bay Jamaica 7 years ago so we were able to do some excursions in Ocho Rios so it depends on whats most important. Also a plus of Negril is a shorter bus ride =) We were there for 10 days and old left the resort once to visit Rick's cafe. We learned from our last trip 7 years ago it was more fun to stay on the resort then to have to travel in a bus or taxi.

    Good Luck!!! Anything you decide will be perfect!

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    Thanks for all your help! I know the more I look at the site and learn how to use it! The more I'm torn with which resort to have my wedding. All of the couples resorts look great! Negril pool and beach looks awsome! Their swim-up bar and pool looks the best out of the four. Do you have any pics I could see? My e-mail is, I also have facebook.

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    Swept Away has the best beach on Jamaica and the most choices for bars and restaurants. It has a disco, small casino. There are also clubs to visit if you like to party. There are falls to climb on the Negril side of the island if that's what you are looking for. There are lots of other excursions too. I think Swept Aways beach blows all the others away IMO.

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