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    Default Retired Board Shorts

    Just got back from family vacation on the gulf. Had to wear my long, wet, heavy board shorts all week. They are put up for the summer. I was laying there thinking of Jamaica every day. Do you think they would care if I go through customs AN. LOL. Can you relate?

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    I hate wet heavy board shorts....

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    Can I ever. Was at a motel a couple of weeks ago and got in the hot tub with swim trunks on and hated it. I have decided that when the kids are gone on the weekends (our kids are in their 20s and are gone several weekends) that it will be naked day every day. The wife is not so sure of that but at least I can do so. We live in a very rural area and can even go AN outside with out much chance of embarrassing anyone. It is a shame that almost everyone sees the naked body as an evil thing, if they didn't we wouldn't have to worry about going through customs AN!!!!!

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