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    We are wrapping up our first AN trip to CSS and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It was everything and more that everyone has reported on here. We leave tomorrow and are already talking about our next trip. We have heard that the AN area at CSS is the best and we will return some day but are the type of couple who likes to go to different places. Can some give us the low down on some of the other Couples' AN areas or point me to a thread with descriptions? We have heard the some of the pools at the other Couples' AN areas are pretty small and not that good.


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    I suggest you read through the threads on the AN section. So many and so informative.

    CTI AN is an island. Has no beach. Has bar and pool. SOme days inaccessible due to rough seas. need boat to get there.

    CSS you know (best in my opinion but haven't been to CN).

    CN AN is fenced/hedged off area on main beach. general public can wander past whenever and you need to walk out of the AN area (whilst still naked, if you want to swim AN) to go swimming in the ocean.

    CSS is best, in my honest opinion.

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    I am surprised you didn't do the trading places to visit CTI. CTI does have an island for AN and the pool is small, it is more for socializing, ie it has seating in the pool all around with tables and the swim up bar. Not a pool you can float around in although it has been done. You can go into ocean from the island and it has a new dock so access is much easier, and it is very private. We have been 4 times and have not, knock on wood, been restricted on island time. CN does not have a pool, it does have a hot tub.

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    We strongly encourage you to stick with CSS or CTI.

    First, there is no AN pool at CN. Second, we and our group of friends that return to CN every year enjoy the nekid beach so much more when it is not overly crowded. Natty, Betty, Kathy, Julie, Theresa, Anne, Sally, Kris, and Lindsay love not having to wait for for more hummingbirds or mango daquiries from the bar. Lazy Bea-Ahhch & Dick Trickle hate having to que up for the bocce ball court. The Sheriff prefers having sufficient elbow room to patrol for textiled scofflaws, and Chuckles, Tom, Lee, Tony, Jeff, Bill, Neal & I and all the girls must have plenty of room for making nekid human pyramids or playing nude twister.

    All that aside; however, if you like a great beach, CN blows CSS and CTI away.

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    We like CN the best. Great resort. Big long wide beach. Lots of shade. Lots of Sun. Peaceful and quiet. But CSS and CTI are great as well.

    At CN, the public walking by the at the water's edge... we saw three approaches to swimming for ANers. 1. Just walk in as you are and let your AN-ness be their problem. 2. wrap a floatie around you as you enter the water to respect non-ANers discretion. 3. Put on your suit and don't swim AN, or remove it after you're in the water. And you can sit far enough back from the water's edge that people walking by can't really see any details of the ANers... try as some might.

    We used option 1 or 2 when going swimming. It's really not a big deal.


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    Both are great, it is all about what you are looking for. CTI is more private, CSS is more spread out and less private.

    We love CTI and do not care for CSS. The staff at CTI are the best, CSS we always have trouble getting a drink.
    Irie Mon

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    Amen to what KCMO said.

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    We LOVE CN's AN beach as we are beach people and loved being able to walk directly into the warm ocean sans clothes! FABULOUS! CSS is also among our 'top of the list', but the ocean is a bit too rocky and cold for us, but the pool/bar/grill ROCKS! CTI was our least favorite of the three. As I mentioned we love the beach and CTI's AN island doesn't have any beach to speak of. I'd say to give CN a try if you want something different. It's the bomb!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You can take a day trip to the island at Couples Tower Isle while on a stay at CSS. That should give you a new atmosphere. Although, we also like CSS A/N the best.

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    If the SSB amenities could be put at CN then hands down CN would be the best of the best. We have been to both CN's AN beach and SSB and both offer a different experience. What we missed most at SSB was the ability to easily walk into a warm ocean. We went to CN 5x before trying out CSS/SSB and will return to CN for a beach/ocean fix on our next trip.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    We love CN's beach - going nude in the ocean doesn't bother us. We were even in the background of someone's wedding (didn't realize it until it was too late to get out) while in the ocean nude!! Just hope we didn't flash anyone in the video!

    CSS - we love also but hate the ocean. It's just way too cold with the river flowing into it. CTI - we love the island also, but it gets really windy at times on the island. You can leave feeling rather beaten up by the wind at times.

    I wish CSA had a nude area - would love to try the resort, but we're spoiled by the AN beaches.

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    We went to CN last year and loved it...and are leaving to go to CSS in 2 weeks. Some of you have mentioned that the ocean water is cold at CSS. Even late June/early July? I'm a little worried now!

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    I wouldn't call the water cold (at least compared to Colorado rivers). It is a bit chilly, but you do get used to it. It just takes a bit, plus when you get out past the river the water is nice and warm.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks all for the responses. It is much appreciated. I think we will venture back to CSS for our next trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geaux Nekkid View Post
    Thanks all for the responses. It is much appreciated. I think we will venture back to CSS for our next trip.
    Next trip, do the Trading Places over to CTI. At least then you can venture over to the island and experience the AN of CTI.

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