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    Default flight from MBJ to NEG???

    Any one know the cost roundtrip to take the puddle jumper from MJ to negril and how long is the flight versus the transfers on ground?? Thanks to all who will respond!!

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    flight: $75 per person per way ~12 min
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    flight is awesome only 15 min airtime..if you want to do it I suggest it at least once. After you go to couples lounge you will tranfer to a hanger at the end of the runway and leave from there. Weve done this about 10 times and we have always beat the bus soo if you have the extra $$ i say do it

    Bus ride is just as nice and relaxing so you cant go wrong about and hour to and hour and half if you stop which slows the pace down however the bus drivers point stuff out and give you alot of info as you drive the countryside/beach till you hit negril
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    we travel TimAir with roundtrip around $400 or less for 2, trip is about 15 minutes with beautiful views of the coast! Well worth the cost seeing I get terribly car sick in the 1 1/2 hr van drive! Did it once and will NEVER do it again! No matter what the cost!
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    Its a 15 minute flight once you're airborn... but you need to see if the flights are available per your schedule. Ground transfers take about 1-1/2 hours.

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    take the flight if you have the extra $$ and have never have done it
    The bus ride is fun and get there in about an hour after you leave the couples lounge
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    We've taken TimAir twice to Negril. The cost both times was $400/rt for 2. Last year, our plane was waiting for us, but there was a mechanical issue, and we waited about 15 minutes, and we did "beat" the bus to CSA. However, this year we had to wait over 30 minutes for our charter flight to become available on the way to the resort (and we had reserved the flight prior to arrival). We did not beat the bus to the resort. Where TimAir (and Airlink) save you the most time is on the return trip. For our 3:30 international flight, we did not leave CSA until 12:45; we would've had to board the bus at 11:00. It's not a lot of time, but it is enough time to relax a bit on the last day, and grab lunch.

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