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    Default Late April- Rain?

    Not too sure what to expect as far as weather goes but I've heard that it rains in spurts throughout the day in Jamaica. For anyone that has gone late April how bad has the rain been? I would hate to be rained out while we are there next April, yikes!

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    Travelingpair, we were there this last April 20-27 and it rained briefly one afternoon out of the week. I was expecting more but I guess we just got lucky. It was hot and a little humid also. GORGEOUS!

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    It's a toss up really. The first April we were there we had nice, refreshing showers for a few minutes every afternoon. Just enough to cool you off and get rid of the humidity for a while. When we were there last April it did not rain once! Not even a sprinkle. It was SOOOOO humid because it wouldn't rain. Thankfully we spent almost all of our time swimming, diving and snorkeling so it didn't seam too bad. It was unusually warm too I believe. Still awesome but I would take the showers if offered a choice.

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    The tropics are the tropics, but I can tell you one thing for sure, Arpil is a relatively dry month. We have been there at all times of the year, but May has always been our favorite time, however the end of May has repeatdly been getting more rain, so next year we'll be doing April as well. A late afternoon shower is fine, but this year it started way too early in the afternoon for our liking.

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    we have been several times in late April. the rain has varied from afternoon showers a few afternoon to thunderstorms in the afternoon to nothing at all.

    raining or not we have always had a great trip.

    it's all about the kids

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    We were there in April of 2010, 17th through 24th and could have used the rain. We were there when someone fainted from the heat, rain would have been a blessing! Drink plenty of water, one for one is my suggestion.

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