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    Default Pics of the Beachfront Suite

    Does anyone have pictures of the beachfront suite, we are going back and forth between that room or the BFVS.


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    We just left CSA on Friday and stayed in a BFS. We actually were going to upgrade once we got there, but they were booked, and honestly I'm glad we didn't. We still had a gorgeous view and didn't spend the extra money. Plus, the BFVS are right by the beach path, so there were more people walking directly in front of your room, although that wouldn't have been much of a downfall for me. I have pics of the room on my FB, but not on Photobucket yet....

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    Here's a link to pics we took while at CSA and CN earlier this year. Included in them are pictures of our BFS, room 1229.

    Hope this helps in your decision!

    Bart & Bug

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    This is the BFVS at CSA:

    And this is someone else's set of pics of a GVS:

    Which from our experience (the first 2 pics) is exactly the same room as the BFVS 'cept it wasn't on the beach nor first-floor.

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    (I'm posting this before my previous message gets approved, so this may not make sense if it gets approved first! )

    So, I posted a pointer to a set of pics of a GVS saying it looked just like the BFVS that we were in... Not true. The GVS picture set doesn't show a TV, the BFVS _does_ have a TV.

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