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    Default Drinks Suggestions @ CSS

    Okay folks, I am not much of a drinker. Yet I want to know some names of good drinks for the trip. Any suggestions? I normally like fruity tasting stuff (hides the taste of the alcohol better) and my hubby is more of a Red Stripe man. We don't normally go out that often so we are a bit clueless on drink names. Advice please

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    All the drink specials that change everyday are very good and usually a fruity type of drink. I would suggest trying those each day. My personal favorite is the Purple Rain. It is like an adult slushy. Very tasty. The Pina Coladas are to die for. Also Hummingbirds are very tastly. They are like a chocolate milkshake.

    At the Balloon bar try a chocolate martini. Also a nice after dinner drink is Rum Cream on the rocks.

    My husband and I have been to CSS twice and are heading there again in November. I can't wait for my first Purple Rain!

    Have a great time at CSS!!


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    I agree annarundel the purple rain is a great day time keep cool type of drink. If you want to wind your stim a little tighter at night don't forget that good old Jamaican rum. (Appleton Estate Rum).

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    I'm not much of a drinker either and also prefer ones that hide the taste of the alcohol. We just got back from CN and I loved the Miami Vice (stir it up!) and the pina coladas. For dinner and a non-frozen one, I prefer an amaretto sour. Yum!

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    The bars at CSS actually have a "menu" with all the drink names & whats in them, that really helped me. They also have a special drink daily that I tried every day & usually ended up really liking them. ENJOY

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    If you go to Sunset Beach order a Mango Tango. One of my favorites.

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    don't be afraid to ask them to go light on the booze.

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    Dirty banana or a blended Nutty Irishmen, yummy

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