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    Can anyone tell me about Scotchies....where it is, is it worth the trip. I am also looking for a Rum Bar to hang in for a few....

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    If you are going to CTI or Sans Souci, Scotchies is on the way. Never really thought about the rum opart of it, but if you can get your driver to sto[p in, IT IS SO WORTH THE JERK CHICKEN!!!!! I think every driver in Jamaica knows were it is, so just ask.

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    One of the best on the Ocho Rios side of the island. I've eaten there several times over the years and always make it a point of going back when I'm on that side. It's a slightly different flavor profile than most drum can cookers and considerably hotter if you use the "serious" sauce. Great chicken and pork, but his jerk sausage is killer!
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    Do the fish!

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    Scotchies is wonderful, but it is not much of a rum bar. At least not in Ochos Rios. You order at a little booth with a cash register, and they just have the drinks in a refrigerator behind them. Soda, water, and Redstripe is all I remember. You then move down to a counter to get your food. Not unlike some pit barbecue places I've been too at home. That is where all the cooking is going on. They had two big pots of jerk sauce when I was there. One was labelled hot, and other mild.

    When we went I bought our driver lunch, which turned out to be a very good idea. He let us in on something. When facing the counter where they serve the food, there is another counter perpendicular on the left about 20' away. At the far end of that counter is a little pot with a ladle, covered with tin foil. There is no sign, and it is not near any of the action. THAT is the jerk sauce the locals use, and is it hot!! It is also really good. Our driver made us promise to put it on the side, so it wouldn't ruin our meal if it was too hot. We loved it, but there was some real heat in that stuff. Totally worth it though.

    I had the pork which I love, but also tried the jerk chicken sausage on a whim... That sausage rocked my culinary world!

    All of Scotchies is outdoors... Just thought you would like to know

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    Thanks!!! I will head there in August!!!!

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    This is a link to some pictures we took at Scotchies in 2009. It was well worth leaving the resort for IMHO.

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    Jice pics spiff542. How far is Scotchies from CSS? I did'nt recognize the the hotel pictures. Is it CTI? Thanks

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    Scotchies is just on the other side of Ochi.

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    Scotchies does indeed have a full bar. It's just beyond where you pick up your meal. Great food!

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    We were the only two in our van to CTI this past June, so we stopped at the Scotchies in Mo Bay. It is only about 5 minutes from the airport and WELL WORTH the stop. The jerk is outstanding and the hot sauce is muy calinte! Soo good. I highly recommend the stop if you get the chance. We hooked our driver up with some chicken for the effort.
    Gino (from Reno) and Kristie

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    Thanks, everyone....we will be adding a trip to Scotchies to our literary.

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    Default Scotchies is great!!

    if you pass through rose hall and don't stop you are cheating yourself one of the best jerk experiences ever. I have been eating there for many years and just love it

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