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    Default CN - July 25 to August 1

    33 more sleeps to go!!!!!!! Getting beyond excited!!!!! I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas :-)
    We've (meaning me - LOL) have been planning and reading this Message Board for over a year. We're celebrating our 25th anniversary in July. We came to Jamaica for our honeymoon back in 1986 and stayed in Ochie. Its about time we came back!

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    YAY! Its about time! Happy Anniversary! 25 years.. wow.. you deserve it!

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    Well I'm excited for you and nothing better then counting down your sleeps! Congrats on the 25th Anniversary and if this makes you feel any better, I only have 527 sleeps!! LOL

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    We will be at CN from July 23 to the 30th..also celebrating an anniversary, our 30th!! Only 30 more sleeps for us!! It will be our 4th time to Jamaica, our 3rd to CN. Did Swept Away last year and missed CN tremendously!! Our son is getting married on Sat. and we tried to talk him into getting married in Jamaica. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Hopefully they will go someday to celebrate an anniversary.

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