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    I understand CN does not serve Coke. Any ideas on how to pack a 6 pack in the suit case? I guess just put them in a zip lock baggie in case one should explode. Maybe even double bag them.

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    I have a feeling you will have a pretty big mess on your hands should you pack them in your luggage . Maybe buy a couple at the airport on departure, this way you will have some for the first day - then hire a driver to take you to a local store - I do believe I have seen Coke products in the stores in Jamaica.

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    They sell Coke in the gift shop by the pool. I wouldn't risk them exploding in your suitcase.

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    When traveling with beer, I wrap them in disposable diapers and then put them in a plastic bag. That way, if they break, the diaper absorbs the liquid and the bag keeps it from seeping out.

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    I think you'd be OK to pack some 16 oz plastics in your checked luggage without having to ziplock them. I've often carried back a fair amount of 16 oz. Ting bottles (hard to find here in the states) in my checked luggage and they've never sprung a leak. I just put them between clothing.

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    I just go across the street to the store and buy some.

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    My wife and I are absolute Diet Coke fans. In fact, my attitude is....I would rather pay for a diet coke than get a diet pepsi for free. That being said, we go to CTI every year. They only have pepsi products. I can truly say that the diet pepsi there has a wonderful taste. Not sure if it is the euphoria from being in paradise that clouds my judgement or if it truly tastes better. At any rate, I would tell you to try it and see what you think. For the five to ten days that you will probably be there, it is an easy adjustment/concession to make....I promise!!!!

    Peace, Love, and Respect
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    The Coke sold in Jamaica is going to taste different than the Coke sold here. Like the imported Mexican Coke that's now becoming widely available, they make it with sugar instead of HFCS. They may have a slightly different recipe, as well. I would imagine this would be the same with Pepsi products (cheaper to bottle it locally with sugar than import the HFCS stuff).

    So while I won't try to dissuade you from bringing your own Coke, don't be afraid to at least try whatever other sodas are available: They likely won't be what you're familiar with (and averse to) at home.

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    I second what Billy is saying and I am a die hard Coke Zero fan.

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    I would purchase and pack a 2-liter bottle instead. When my father came to my wedding at CN, I told him they did not have coke so he brought a 2-liter in his checked luggage without a problem. Nothing exploded. Then you have room for souvenirs on the home.

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    As a fellow diet cokeaholic I can attest to what Billy has said. The diet pepsi in Jamaica isn't bad.

    Now.. I will admit that I do seek out and buy diet coke while I"m there(I know all the places to get it near CSA)But I also do drink and enjoy the diet pepsie while on the resort. Try it.. you may be pleasantly surprised. Oh.. and its coke light in Jamaica not diet coke.

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    The diet pepsi in Jamaica tastes different than what we're used to in the US. Maybe it's the Jamaican sugar cane... why knows. It's actually pretty good. Add some Appleton and you won't know the difference!

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