We have just this week returned from CSS (again!) and as ususal had the most special of times. Everything was just soo great with great food, service, brilliant staff and even the return of the Jamaican sunshine - wow!

Just one issue we have and I hope we can put it right, we had a major shock when we went to renew our friendship with Crackers - she was not there!!!! We looked everywhere and eventually found she had been moved to a new position by the lake. We sincerely believe our great friend was much happier up the top of the hill where she got many more visits from everyone - this bird is a people person. So please, can somone move our friend back to her perfect roost - we know she is noisy but she seemed much happier there.

Thanks to all at CSS for another wonderful trip, especially Mr B, Michelle and Mrs Richards - we have already rebooked to return in 2012, love and best wishes to all "the team" at CSS, our heaven on earth"

Barry & Carole , Exeter UK