Hi there,
My wife & I are arriving at CSA July 30 for 14 nights & we can hardly wait!!
Weve been on this web site almost daily since we booked back in November & have been collecting as much info as possible. I know my questions have been asked numerous times but there seems to be conflicting advice.
I think we will bring cash with us & have a debit card as back up, but just wondering how much money is typically enough? We will likely spend the days on the beach but may add in a round of golf or some other excursion. Our nights will also likely be at the hotel, but again we venture off a couple of times. I know peoples answers will likely vary, but just looking for a gauge!
2nd question is what should we carry for currency? We already have some USD but wondering if its worth exchanging some/all for Jamaican currency before we arrive!
Thanks in advance!