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    Default Which "extras" cost extra?

    I have been browsing the things the resort includes and have noticed some excursions that I think are included. Which ones are extra? I know the candlelight dinner on the beach and spa treatments are extra.

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    What do you want to do?
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    Yep, that's pretty much it. They do have a special wine list you can order from, but the house red and white as well as a sparkling white are included.

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    Are snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. included? Every excursion you want to take?

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    also if you do any of these they are extra.... night snorkeling and night scuba
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    Jet skies and parasailing are also extra but are not part of Couples. Couples "all inclusive" means everything really is included. Not like some of the other resorts.

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    I dont scuba, my husband does, but I think they give you one dive and any more than that is an extra fee, and night snorkling cost extra also.

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    Default Scuba

    Actually, if you are certified, dives are included at no cost. If you are not certified, your intro dive class is free. You get the class, in pool training and one 30 ft ocean dive. You can then pay for additional dives, which I beleive are $50 or go on to be certified. The Scuba Diver cert is $250 and the open water cert is $365 the last time i checked. Each resort has a great dive staff and then after you are certifed, the dive are included, except the night dives.

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    Night diving and snorkeling is extra, but during the day, you can go to either as many times as you like. Waterskiing, included, kayaking, included, sailing, included, glass bottom boat, included. Plus you are not limited to a one time only on these activities.

    If you are looking at off resort excursions, then there will be a charge. The exceptions are shopping, cat cruise (except CSS as it's not offered), and Dunn's River if you are at CTI or CSS.

    I have never known them to charge for more than one dive, but maybe I have missed that.

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    The only off resorts which are included are listed on the website - anything else will be extra.


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    Actually, if you want to get out and about the Jamaican countryside, you'll have to hire your own driver, cab, etc.

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