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    Default CN review June 6th - June 13th

    First off, sorry if this jumps around. It's hard to write review for a large group.

    Went to CN from the 6th to 13th of June for our wedding. We had a total of 38 people attend and stay at the resort. 26 of us arrived at one time 6 at another time and the others scattered out within a three day period. The big group took the Air Jamaica flight from PHL to MBJ. I was off the plane and in the Couples lounge in approx. 15 minutes. Such a breeze this time compared to last. By the time I had my entire group rounded up they had two shuttle busses ready for our group to go. When we arrived at the resort our rooms were not ready, and I did not think they would have been seeing that we were on the resort at 10:30 or 11:00 AM (somewhere around that time). Check in was fairly easy. No big mishaps. My wife and I were there before so we helped with the rest of the group. Two of our friends were already there the day prior and some people put some stuff in their room and also changed. Most just let there bags with the front staff and then went to eat and explore. Some went to the pool.
    Everyone seemed to enjoy everything they did at the resort while they were there. Mostly everyone ate at all of the restaurants at least once while they were there. We as a whole did a good bit of activities that were offered. I know my wife and I had a gallon bag full of couples money by the end of our trip. (I wish they did the Auction night more often.) We really had no money to use until after it was already had.
    A large group went on the Cat Cruise and had a great time. Most of the group went to Margarittaville. And said the bus there was the best part. I think most agreed it was worth the visit just for the experience.
    It rained the first three days and was nothing but sun the rest of the trip. The cloudy days most guest stayed around the pool. Starting Thursday there was a big difference and people actually were in the ocean and not as many by the pool. I also noticed that when people were in the ocean or pool and it rained, everyone left for cover. It made me laugh because everyone was already wet anyway. At one time it was really putting the rain down and we stayed out at the bouy line and talke to the guy in the King Shango boat about fishing. he put his rain gear on.
    Speaking of fishing my brother and a friend went out with the guy in the Cool Jamaica boat and had a entertaining time even though they did not catch anything. They said the big charter boat were in the same area they were.
    Three of us completed our open water dive certifications with Richard in Watersports. He was a great help and really helped us out when we had questions or needed the encouragement to do the class. Prior to doing the dive cert. I went out on a night snorkel with a group of my quest and a lady I believe from Holland. I thought it was rather rough and the girls in my group all got sick as well as one of the guys. It was tough to see anything with all the sediment that was stirred up. We cut the trip a little short and went back in. I loved the night snorkel last time I was there, not so much this time. I really felt bad for the people that got sick since I talked it up before we went. Anyway, sorry to the lady from Holland if you read this. You had a great time and did not think it was rough.
    We arrived Monday and went to the repeaters dinner and had a great time. The meal was outstanding and the other people at our table were great to talk to. I remember one couple was from Missouri, the younger couple from California I think, as well as two other couples. I seen the one couple several times throughout the week but cannot recall where they were from again. If you have been to Couples before and you are around for the repeaters dinner, do not miss it.
    No one had any major problems that I can remember in there rooms. If so they were fixed rather fast. We stayed in 8000 block. I think they were being renovated when we were there in 2009. I also noticed the new pool decking and lounging couches or chairs around the pool deck area. A good fix.
    I was sort of bummed that the ice cream machine had some issues throughout the week. I prefer vanilla over chocolate but chocolate is better than none at all! Pizza was missing from the Beach Grill and I swear it was there in the past. There always seemed to be plenty of veggie patties but not alot of beef and chicken patties. Nachos and cheese were a big hit with the group.
    We met alot of people this trip. A nice couple from England was around and we spent some time talking to them at the Pool Bar and Piano Bar. Our group said they were going to stay up all the time but I found that most nights it was my wife and I and our friend Andy being the last ones up most of the time. They did stay up late in the Piano Bar a few times.
    The wedding went smoothly and the lady at the resort (Kenisha maybe) was very helpful. Franklyn at the pool bar was like by everyone and the watersports staff was also great. Everyone was amazed at how quickly the staff new everyone and there names.
    Randymon, everyone thanks you for the resort credits. You probably lost money that week with our group and the credits. My wife and I really made out. So no one should complain about the resort credits, eb lucky you get them. We did have some going back and forth with people in the lobby to get ours all figured out, but it was rather smooth.

    I apologize to anyone around the pool bar that we may have bothered while we had a great time. I think a return trip is will be made. We had some that were contemplating booking another trip before they left. Some of the staff asked when we were coming back as well. So we must have behaved fairly well.

    Thanks for reading if you ahve any questions ask away and I will try to respond as best as possible. Also sorry for jumping around in the "review", but it is hard to try to cover everything for all the people we had.

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    glad you had a wonderful trip another happy couples experience
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    We started to discuss trip 3. We have a few free nights we need to use by the end of 2012. Time to round up the gang again.

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