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    Default Parasailing Cost

    I have noticed on a previous post someone asking about whether or not there is parasailing available as an excursion at CN.

    Any idea on the cost of this?


    172 more days!!!!

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    Not sure of the price. Just know you can do it. Not even sure you need to book it through the resort. Listen for the guy saying jetski, jetski, paraaaaasailing!

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    It is $50-$60 per person... it depends on how good of a negotiator you are! lol

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    ... and it is NOT provided or endorsed by any of the Couples properties. Parasailing is offered by the various vendors and concessionaires that patrol the waters off the resort areas. Buyer beware.

    I'm not saying these folks are dishonest... but I do note that the concessions don't necessarily shut down in some weather conditions during which it would seem to prudent to do so. Also, although the lawyers and litigators have finally discovered Jamaica (witness the closing of cliff jumping concessions other than Rick's), the concessionaires have not yet learned the art of the written legal disclaimer. I'm just sayin'....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We paid $90 per couple at CSA. Had to negotiate with Elvis Though. Remember to take a tip for the boat driver. They ask for it.

    Life is good

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    We paid $120 with Sir Elvis (july/2011), plus a tip for the parasail boat ($20) and the shuttle boat ($10). ouch.

    But, it was really cool...

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    Yeah, we've been offered as low as $50 usd a person to para-sail, I really wanted to but we just didn't have enough time. It's on the top of my list on the next trip.

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    Just came back from CSA and did the parasail. Met up with Elvis who charged us $110 for about 10 minutes in the air. It's a real adventure but way too short for that money. The worst part though was how everyone had their hand out for tips. They were very aggressive and IMHO rude to be so expecting. It adds up too; Elvis gets a cut, we tipped two guys who take you in their boat to the parasail boat, then three guys who are on the parasail boat. Way too expensive when all is said and done.

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    We just got back from CN a couple weekks ago. The parasailing is not a part of the resort, it is a separate vendor. There is a guy that walks up and down the beach multiple times a day saying "parasailing, jet ski" you can't miss him. We did it and felt a little nervous, the guys we went with weren't very friendly or talkative so we decided to
    pay the full price of $100 for the both of us. Didn't want to make them mad. They gave us a nice ride and was an amazing view. I think the single rider price was $75.

    We did see the yellow parasailing boat die out in the water a couple times, some people were stuck on the boat
    for at least a half hour while they tried to get it going. Another couple landed in the water after the boat died during their ride. If that would have happened before we had our ride, I'm not sure I could have done it!

    Make sure you take extra money to tip the boat guys. The view was amazing and was so glad we did it!

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