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    Default Couples Negril - First time!

    My wife and I will be going to Couples Negril in late July for our 5th anniversary. Never been there but are looking forward to it!

    I need to keep in touch with parents who will be watching our son. Is it an easy thing to call home from the resort to check in, or should we plan to bite the bullet and use our cell phone?
    Is one of them less expensive than the other?


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    If you have a laptop I would recommend that. My husband and I are going to keep in touch with our children that way and I also believe that there is a place to use computers but Im not sure if they have webcams. Other than that I assume it would be a lot of money to call every night. If you needed to call just call every other day or every two days.

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    We found a calling card the best, we bought one at CN. Texting worked also but our rates were a nickel each one you receive and .50cents for each you send. Reception wasn't so great in our room so I would walk near the beach and is was good down there in the open.

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    Default Computers @ CN

    At CN this past Fall there were a few computers with Internet access in an air conditioned room next to the Lychee restaurant. We communicated via email, sending and reading replies on our own home email address. We did that once, maybe twice, in the first day there, though, and left it alone the rest of the week. Worked great and allowd for communication; if needed. If you want to carry a laptop, go for it, but you have the ability at CN to get on the Internet.

    Frankly, however, if you must stay in constant touch with home, then maybe it's not time to go to Couples. We went for our 25th anniversary and we're booked for my wife's 50th birthday this next year, and it seems one of the ideas of going to Couples is to leave most all behind, and focus on each other. Our two kids are young teenagers, so it was somewhat easier, but they didn't hear from us, as we recharged our relationship. We embraced the sun, sand, AN beach, hot tub, food, the wonderul Caribbean Sea, friendly Jamaicans, and each other. That's what Couples is for; not worrying about those left with trusted caretakers, but re-energizing there to return home with renewed strength and an enhanced appreciation for what we have; especially our loved ones.

    Come Soon!

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    In case you aren't aware. There are free computers and WiFi available for use. You can email family from the resort computers or bring your own and use the WiFi to call home via Skype.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Emails are easiest and free. Skype is free as well if you have a laptop with a camera in it (most nowadays do). The other party must have one as well. You can buy calling cards at the small store below the lobby at CN. They are called Just Talk cards. Do not take a calling card from the US it more than likely will not work. Last you could use your cell phone. Depending on your carrier youmay need to call and add international calling.

    My first trip we used email to contac anyone we needed to. The second trip we used skype and some email. You will have wifi in your room. I had a large group and we were on both sides of the resorts and everyone had wifi they could use. My wife gave her sister a tour of the place with skype.

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    I just got back from there. Calls from the room phone are $1.00 per minute. They do have an internet cafe (free), which is what I used to send e-mails to check in with the family while I was away. You're cell phone may also be an option. We have Verizon Wireless, and it looked pretty pricey, so we just stuck to e-mailing I guess it just depends on how often you need to check in. Have fun at CN!

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    I have to agree with Tony and add a couple of things.

    First, your parents raised you and I am sure did a pretty good job, let them enjoy their time with their grandchildren. And enjoy yourself with each other, find again what brought you together in the first place, your kids will thank you in the long run.

    Second, I don't know how many miles away you (don't know where you live) but suffice it to say you are a full day away so if something did come up you would not be able to do much other then worry. If something major comes up they can get ahold of you at the resort.

    Third, if you little ones, are little, it might be more upsetting to them to hear from you everyday. Kinda of like leaving them at nursery school or the church nursery on Sundays. Allow them time bonding time with their grandparents.

    Finally, yes WIFI is available at CN, if you feel the need to check in everyday I would suggest either Skype or as has been mentioned a calling card purchased at CN. I am not trying to be harsh and if I came across that way I do apologize. I just remember my parents when they had my neices and nephews, if mommy and daddy called the kids went nuts and it would take my mom a while to get them calmed down. And it kinda of made my mom feel like my sister or brother were checking up on her.

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    Thanks all!

    I don't think I tried to say I needed to be in 'constant touch' with home, was just asking the best way to do so when and if we do call home.... and we do think this is a good time for us to go to Couples. Thanks for your concern though and for the other info you shared.

    As for the free WI-Fi option:
    I have a netbook and my husband (Dave .... his screen name) has an IPad. We will probably not bring both (and may not use the one we bring) but are the two about equal for use at Couples Negril? (not counting Skype, but for email, internet browsing, checking in online for our return flight, etc...)

    Thanks to you all! We are very excited for our trip!
    Jan (better half to Dave)

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    I love your response TonyS!!! The first year, I think we were in that internet cafe most of the time, it seemed like. Last year, I posted on my Facebook that we arrived and couldn't wait to unwind and then posted an unhappy face the day we were leaving. It felt so good to be "unplugged."

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    I agree with others here, using email is the easiest way to keep in touch with anyone back home. The first time we visited CN in 2006 my boys were 5 and 1. We have returned "home" every other year and are in the middle of planning our 4th trip for 2012. Back in 2006, there were only 2 internet computers available for use and were located in a room that was seriously smaller than a closet! The internet "cafe" CN has now is large, full of comfy chairs and computers (I believe there are at least 6 or 8 of them) and a coffee machine as well. On our first trip, when the boys were younger I checked-in daily (on our way to the breakfast buffet), but now since my boys are older, I check-in much less frequently - we stayed for 5 nights in 2010 and I think I only checked-in 2 or 3 times over the entire trip. I know that if there is an emergency, my parents and in-laws can get a hold of someone at the resort and I will be notified ASAP because the staff is simply THAT awesome! Go, enjoy and reconnect - you won't regret it!!

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    Even though our kids are older than yours, my wife owns a business that requires her attention from time to time even when on vacation. We have found the simplest thing to do is to use her iphone with data roaming and 3g turned off to check email using the free wi-fi at the resorts we are visiting. We also have International Calling enabled on the phone so if we do call home we do so for $1.99 per minute. This is far from cheap, but it could not be any more convenient that it is and when we do check in it's only for a brief call. Incoming text messages are quite inexpensive.
    When I am killing time waiting for her to finish dressing for dinner I take the phone out of the safe and turn it on to check for messages. Just need to remember to keep it turned off when not in use and absolutely be sure that data roaming is turned off... that adds up on ya quickly!
    If we didn't bring a cell phone we would probably be fine checking email in the computer room and using the room phone to call home if something important came up. This would be cheaper, but we like the convenience of the iphone.
    A lot of people tell others not to use their phones or call home... but instead to 'reconnect' like they do... but everyone's situation is different and everyone's vacation is different. We have been to Jamaica about 25 times and reconnect just fine when we check in at home... sometimes we reconnect even better. To each their own.

    Best of luck! Have a great trip!

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