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    Hey.. I have a few questions about CN.. I am looking to book a Deluxe Beachfront Room and was wondering what the bathrooms looked like.. weird question, I know.. i just like to know what im coming into when venturing outside the US.. could anyone give us any pictures by any chance?.. Also I am a picky eater- I will try a lot of things but want to know if there is any somewhat ''normal'' food at any of the restaurants like maybe at cassava terrace or the beach grill?.. or would i have more options at CSA? Any encouraging words will make me feel much better about booking our reservation in few days ..I am positive we will be thrilled with either and any place...just needed to ask a few questions before saying okay!

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    Bathrooms. When you come into your room it will be direclty to your left or right depending on your room. There is a sink with a nice sized countertop and ledge above the countertop. There are shelves under the countertop by the toilet. A Large mirror. A blow dryer. Tile floor 12"x12". The shower has some 1"x1" ile on the wall and some 4"x4" tile ifIi recall. I believe the fixture are "Delta" brand. In the shower there is a ledge towards the outside of the building. Their are louvers to vent the shower. There are hair shampoo and body wash pump containers in the shower (were not there in 09 that I can remember). Also by the sink there is a pump container of moisturizer or something (did not use it, wife did). There is a towel hook on the back of the louvered bathroom door. The light switch and hairdryer switch are right outside the bathroom door with the other light switches. I think that about covers the bathroom!

    There is regular food at the Beach Grill and the Cassava Terrace. Do not be afraid to try new things. If you like meat, then at dinner order the meat dish. I like the Shrimp Mac and Cheese at the Heliconia Grill at dinner. The menus will change throughout the week. The menus will be posted daily just outside the Cassava Terrace between the restrooms and Cassava Terrace. They should also be posted as you walk from the pool into the Beach Grill area. You can look at them each day to see where you would like to eat.

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    I don't have pictures of the bathrooms, but they're typical of a bathroom that you would expect to find in almost any hotel in the U.S.: sink, toilet, and combination bathtub and shower.

    My husband is a selective eater, and he is always able to find something to eat; that doesn't mean, however, that he could eat at any restaurant on any given night. Fortunately, they post the dinner menus in the Cassava Terrace around breakfast time, so you can check them out and see what appeals to you/where you'd like to have dinner.

    For Otaheite, the restaurant for which you must make reservations, you can ask at the guest services desk to see the menus for the week before making your reservation to ensure that you make a reservation on a night that there's something you can eat.

    For lunch, the Cassava Terrace has a hot buffet, an entree salad made to order, sandwiches, a salad bar, and grilled meat or fish. We usually do a walk-through, and if there's nothing that appeals to him, we had over to the Beach Grill, which offers things like burgers and fries and jerk chicken.
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    Hope you enjoy CN as much as us. This October will be our seventh visit to CN. We just went to CTI in April for comparison and to check out Dunns River Falls.

    The most important thing about the bathrooms is to make sure you ALWAYS rinse out any cups you've brought to the room after you finish your drink. Do not leave your toothpaste directly on the counter; stick it in a glass. The ants are everywhere, but if you're attentive to these rules, you won't see them.

    We've also learned to stay in upper floors; otherwise, your bathing suits and wet t-shirts never dry out.

    One remaining question: WHY are you booking a deluxe oceanfront room? Most guests are never in the room except to sleep, shower and change clothes. The oceanfront rooms aren't really on the ocean front the way beachfront condos and houses are in the US.

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    thanks so much.. very very helpful

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    Here is a picture of a non-suite bathroom at CN - a few months after they refurbished all the bathrooms (put in a new sink, new shower curtain and rail, removed the wall towel hooks, and put in new tile on the walls - not the floor).

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    This is from the bathroom doorway so that should give some sense of the room size.
    The tub/shower is just out of the picture to the left.

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