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    Default Finally in the 60s!

    69 days till our third trip to CN. The anticipation is building rapidly! Can't hardly wait, as I know the second time was even better than the first...and it's been two years since our last visit, so we're extra stoked this time around! Not that I want to wish summer away, but vacation soon come!!!

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    yay!!!! we just broke into the 40s and we're super excited!!! Have fun getting excited and counting down the days!! (I know how you feel about wishing the summer away.. but you just want to go on your vaca! totally understandable!)

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    We are down to 61 days as of today! We are getting very excited as this trip will have a few firsts: first time to an all-inclusive resort, first time to Jamaica, and first time to a Couples resort. We are anticipating lots of great food, drinks, rest, relaxation, snorkeling, and learning to scuba dive. We are also looking forward to meeting new people and making some new friends. Hopefully, we'll have good weather and won't have to worry about any hurricanes!


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    D&J - you're going to love it! The AI is really the most relaxing vacation I've ever experienced, and I hope you love Couples as much as the rest of us! It's such a great romantic vacation, I used that as my excuse to convince hubby...gotta love a vacation for just the two of us, with nothing to do but eat, drink and be merry!

    Ashntommy - enjoy!! Lucky that your vacay is sooner! Barely a full month to go! Wishing you a hot sultry summer to get you ready for the island!

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    Oops .... sorry. I thought webejammin was talking about 60 degrees!! Got really excited since we live in Northern MN and haven't seen that very often this year

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    Ha our countdown is 530 days today!! Golly geez that sounds forever away and to be honest with really is forever away but glad that you guys are in the 40's and 60's!! Have a cold one for me!!!

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